Here are just a few of the many testimonials received from our valued MBNS Patients:

Hayley B

Wow Marea, I have a huge smile on my face!  I cannot believe what magic you wielded this afternoon. My nose is now completely straight.  I’ve waited years for this and it is totally life changing. Huge huge thanks, I cannot thank you enough.

My experience has been excellent at MBNS.  I felt welcomed from the initial appointment even though I was nervous.  I was put at ease during the procedure by Paula and could not be more pleased with the final result. Thank you!

Becky M

I recently visited Marea at MBNS clinic for nose reshaping with fillers. It was something I had wanted to do for a while but was slightly anxious about the procedure and after extensive research found the MBNS website and the reviews were excellent. I opted for the Nurse led approach rather than a Doctor as, being a nurse myself I find nurses very empathic and skilled in their speciality.  I am so pleased with the results!! She was very patient and took a long time going through everything with me. Despite having to travel quite far to visit this particular clinic, I would not hesitate to go back and in fact would only have treatment at this clinic from now on.  Many thanks to the team!


Nose reshaping treatment with dermal filler at MBNS

Danielle A

I would like to compliment you on the excellent service received recently by you at MBNS.  After many years of disastrous Botox I was absolutely amazed that it was perfect first time ! Thank you for restoring my faith in the product. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Carly M

Marea,  I just wanted to say how excellent the procedure of mole removal was today. It was quick and almost pain free. You were very welcoming and this made the proceedure so much easier. I would recommend your clinic to others. If I consider having more treatment in the future I would come back to your clinic.   Many thanks.

Vicky L

I was referred to MBNS Clinic by a family member following a moderate break-out of acne.  My self confidence was extremely low at this point and I wanted to keep myself locked away.

I went for a consultation and the first thing I noticed was how friendly and professional the staff were and saying that they could help me was music to my ears!  After several months of using iS Clinical and Jan Marini products, monthly Fire and Ice peels and a short course of antibiotics, my skin has never looked so good.  I can go out now feeling confident about my skin and how I look.  I don’t even need to wear make-up now!

Persisting with the treatment is key to having great skin.  For anyone who has mild to moderate acne it is definitely worth a try.  I highly recommend MBNS.

Becky F

Diana on her wedding day

Diana on her wedding day

I wanted to look my best for our wedding in Florida in February, but at the age of 53 it was going to be a little more of a challenge to look like a radiant bride than when I got married the first time at 23!

Marea suggested Botox and dermal fillers to achieve a natural but well-rested look. The treatment was virtually painless and although I dislike needles, she made me feel really at ease throughout the process.

All the staff at MBNS are really helpful and welcoming and I would absolutely recommend that you book up to get the face back that you remember from years ago!




Diana R

Video Testimonial by Cathy W

I have always been nervous of needles but the heavy brow and slighty “aged” look I had recently noticed in the mirror made me take a my first brave step to MBNS.

I had heard from a friend that they were extremely professional and discreet (a bonus when you live in a small town) and got great results!
I had my consultation with Paula who seemed to understand what I wanted to achieve without the “botox brow” and was also sympathetic to my fear of needles. Paula put me at ease and talked through the whole procedure as she did it....without using words such as needle or pain! She managed to divert my attention, taught me to wiggle my toes at the right moment and even made me laugh!
Three years on, I’m still nervous of needles but I still pop in for a top up when needed and Paula still manages to make me laugh and best of all....i’m looking great!

Jennifer Hockney

"For many years I've been unhappy with my lips. Years of smoking took it's toll and left them lined. Having relatively thin lips too (with lines) made them look permanently dehydrated and no end of 'plumping' creams helped. Lipsticks and glosses also drew attention to their state. I'd wanted fillers for a long time but was extremely worried I'd end up with a 'trout pout' or a 'shelf effect'. Well, I needn't have worried. Marea did a fantastic and very gradual effect. The process was also reversible should I not be happy. But I was, I loved it. So much so that when the initial slight swelling went Marea and I felt a little more would complete the look. The fillers were inserted in the right places for my shape of mouth so that they would be slightly fuller, hydrated and did not protrude. A little change has made a big difference. Thank you so very much."

Susan Jones

I have been visiting MBNS for many years now. I trust them as my treatments have always exceeded by expectations due to the professionalism of the staff. It is a joy to visit and I have always been impressed by the lovely friendly nurses and staff. I thoroughly recommend MBNS for their expertise and I always feel I am in safe hands.

Kim Derby

The fire and ice facial has made my skin noticeably fresher and brighter. It appears to be more even in texture and I feel less need to wear foundation. The staff at MBNS are extremely professional. Always friendly and welcoming and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


I have really noticed the benefits of IPL skin rejuvenation it has definitely reduced the pigmentation marks on my skin and faded the appearance of surface veins. Its a quick effective treatment with minimal down time and long lasting results.


Thank you to Angela, Anne, and Marea my nurse, for my beautiful lips! Amazing service and lovely clinic.

Kat A

I recommend the team at MBNS most highly. As a health professional myself I am concerned that there are too many unqualified, under qualified or dubiously motivated people practising these therapies.
I approached MBNS back in 2004 at a most vulnerable time in my life. I did a LOT of research and found this practise to be potentially the most promising available as all the therapists seemed to have sound technical medical backgrounds and qualifications.
I was most impressed with the welcome, the individual consultation and attention to detail - no hard sell of something I didn't want or couldn't afford and a realistic description of the products available. My long term expectations were taken into consideration - most important in my particular circumstances. I don't have a huge amount of treatment - just some lip enhancement and a couple of my serious wrinkles kept at bay - but the relative importance of these small adjustments is massive for my self confidence and sense of femininity - especially as I am now tackling the menopause.
The whole team is to be commended for an excellent practise - every member is competent and nothing is too much trouble. They constantly update themselves and their products. I have been treated over the years by Stephanie and Paula and one simply feels completely safe in their hands - their competence and expertise is evident in every aspect of their work.
I now live in Lincolnshire and will not be seeking anywhere local to continue my treatments in to the future - I will travel to where ever this team is based.

Ali Newell

Wanting to look my best for my daughter's wedding, I went for a consultation at the MBNS Clinic. Being in my 60's I had a list of improvements I wanted to see in my face and neck ready for the event. The staff were all good listeners and I have been delighted with the tailor made course of treatments I have received, and am seeing results even though I an only half way through the course.

The moment you walk in, you are greeted by name and offered a drink and you always get the feeling the welcome is genuine, There is always time for a chat and the whole procedure is relaxed, friendly but entirely professional. Adrian and Paula have done much to ensure that I'll feel happy and confident on my special day.

Elizabeth Rumford

I always look forward to coming to the clinic in Thame because I know I can guarantee a really warm welcome and enjoy catching up with all the latest news. The staff at MBNS work seamlessly together and they give the impression that they are all one happy, extended family. I have been coming to Thame for many years and look forward to many more.

Julie E

"Facial hair had been the bain of my life & sometimes I felt so low about it that it that I didn't want to go out. I had researched laser hair removal & my only concern was that I wouldn't be able to afford it, but the convenuent MBNS/Qutis payment plan helped me spread the cost of my treatments. I feel much better about my facial appearance now, I can face the world again! I have just taken another payment plan & this time I am getting my bikini line done. I feel fresh & confident now! Thank you MBNS/Qutis!"

Diane Watts

I went with a friend to another clinic who was having Botox. I decided on the spur of the moment to have Botox also. I went ahead but had to go back to the person as I was not happy with the treatment, it was uneven I had one raised brow, and so after being retreated, the unevenness was made even worse. I just could not go back there again.

I did know of MBNS, but had originally decided not to go there as I thought their pricing was more expensive than other places. However after Marea corrected the peak in my brow and made it look perfect again, I now realise that you should not cut costs where your face is concerned. I now know that MBNS have five highly experienced nurses with over 15 years experience and a great reputation.

If you are investing in treatments for your face, you should not be swayed by cheap prices and risk having a less than perfect result. I will be coming back for my next treatment in 12 weeks knowing that I am in safe hands.

Mary Farmer

I wanted to look my best for our wedding in Florida in February, but at the age of 53 it was going to be a little more of a challenge to look like a radiant bride than when I got married the first time at 23!

Marea suggested Botox and dermal fillers to achieve a natural but well-rested look. The treatment was virtually painless and although I dislike needles, she made me feel really at ease throughout the process.

All the staff at MBNS are really helpful and welcoming and I would absolutely recommend that you book up to get the face back that you remember from years ago!

Diana R

Diana R

I’ve just had about 7 or 8 moles removed by Short Wave Diathermy and it is fantastic value for money.  It cost £100.  I’ve had these moles for years and never bothered to do anything about them as I thought it would be too expensive as other places charged £200 per mole.  They could not be done on the NHS as they are considered cosmetic and apparently they get worse and worse with time…..so to get rid of them was fabulous – I feel great!


I never realised how hard it would be to raise a child with a mental disability. I think raising children is hard anyway but when your child has special needs like my child has, it’s even harder. For seven years I have coped with sleep deprivation, sleep disturbance, physical assault and mental torture.

I think a lot of people through no fault of their own, just pure genetics, wear their lives on their faces and mine is no exception. I know that if I hadn’t had the treatments from MBNS I would look much older than my years and what I love is that even though I have a really rough time on a daily basis with my child, when I tell people my age they can’t believe it and tell me I look ten years younger!

Also when I feel like a zombie and I brace myself to look in the mirror, thanks to Radiesse from MBNS I don’t scare myself, as I would have done had I not had the treatment!

I thank God for MBNS and don’t know how I would live my life without it. Just as important as the treatments though has been Marea’s friendship over the years. Whenever I leave MBNS I know that I will not only look better but my soul feels better as a result of Marea.

I can’t praise the rest of the staff at MBNS enough as well because they really make me feel special which means the world to me.

By Julie Roberts


Collagen Induction Therapy at MBNS and Qutis Clinics




Thank you Paula, and your team, for a wonderful first experience at the MBNS clinic today. At every step I felt fully supported and always felt I had a ‘way out’ if I felt ‘chicken’!  

I am delighted with my ‘fresher’ look – and that’s after only one session. 

I’ll be in contact to fix another appointment for late September. Meanwhile, keep up the good work and I’m more than happy to recommend you. 

By Sheena M

Dear Paula, I really liked the Juvederm dermal filler that you used in my ‘lip corner droops.’  I didn’t feel any discomfort as you told me it has a local anaesthetic in it & I have no bruises. It’s an instant success & I even look a lot happier! Every treatment that you do for me reminds me why I have kept coming back to you & the lovely MBNS skin Clinic for 10 years, so thanks once again dear P!  By the way, I hope you can fit me in for my pre Christmas Botox! 

By Gill Cullen

I have just had several skin tags removed from various areas of my body by Short Wave Diathermy. The whole process was easy and virtually painless.

I was a little apprehensive being a male in a predominantly female environment,  but Stephanie was fantastic and extremely professional in the way she handled my treatment and made me feel completely at ease.

I thoroughly recommend MBNS and would certainly consider further treatment in the future.

By David D


The care, treatment and products which I receive from Marea Brennan Thorns and her team at MBNS in Thame are my best kept secret But one thing I am willing to reveal is that in this uncertain world, I do know for certain that as long as MBNS are in it, I shall definitely not be needing a face-lift at the age of 60.   A self-proclaimed perfectionist  who  is 100% satisfied with her appearance,  and owes it all to MBNS (along with healthy eating, plenty of exercise and getting enough sleep of course!)

By Susan


I had very fixed ideas about what I thought I needed and what I thought I wanted for my face and Marea was amazing and didn’t try to persuade me to have anything done today and actually tried to persuade me not to have anything done today.  She is the most patient woman on the planet and I have come out with a very good result and I am delighted.

'Anna After'By Julia P

I have just been to see Marea and she has explained in great detail the procedure she was going to take and I’d like to say it was completely painless, well not exactly painless, there were a few little pricks there, but it really didn’t hurt!  I’d had the anaesthetic cream beforehand and that really, really helped and she also used ice, but for her to explain fully what I was to have done was a real help and it gave me the confidence to sit in the seat and have my treatment and I will be back soon and that’s for sure!

By Mary B




Short and sweet comments from our valued patients that we wanted to share too…sometimes, a simple quote says so much!

The Nurses explained things clearly

Everything was fantastic!

So friendly, professional and calm approach.

Great treatments and friendly people

Patient care was outstanding from both nurse Lucy and Kit on reception

Made me feel at ease and welcome and treated my concerns seriously and kindly.

Made me feel I was in safe care, they are such experienced practitioners.

Professional and on time

Explanations and continuous commentary on the process in hand.

Paula explained the procedure and she prioritised the treatments. She did not try to sell which was so comforting! Superb interpersonal skills, and she maintained a light, bright energy.

Professional friendly service with staff taking time to make customers relaxed

MBNS is a friendly relaxed environment with good communication

Stephanie put me at ease and showed empathy.