Skin Tightening 

Skin tightening Skin rejuvenation/Combination Treatment

Skin tightening is the ultimate treatment for improved texture, lifting and smoothing of the skin as it uses two powerful technologies at the same time for the best treatment results.

Rejuvenation with IPL and Radio Frequency.

Skin rejuvenation

This treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radiofrequency to treat red veins, pigment and induce collagen production in the skin’s surface. This treatment is carried out first and changes are seen immediately in the skin although the results can take up to four weeks to fully see. Initially the pigment darkens and then lightens over 7-10 days, red veins become brighter then settle and are gradually cleared away by the body’s immune system over four weeks, and collagen is produced over this time as a response to treatment, resulting in a dewy, plumped skin surface. There are few side effects but you can’t be treated if you have recent sun exposure, are taking light sensitive drugs or have a pacemaker. A full consultation is carried out before treatment to ensure you are suitable.

Skin tightening

This treatment uses radio waves to heat and increase collagen production and therefore gives a lifted and tighter skin. Ideally used at the sides of the face to tighten the skin which gravity affects. It is used immediately after a skin rejuvenation treatment to make the most of the heat that is already in the skin, to give even better results than when used alone.

For the best results, a course of 3-5 treatments are recommended.