Skin Peels

When it comes to your skin, there are many reasons to get the blues…

Blemishes, acne scars, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and sun damage to name a few.

If you want younger healthier looking skin, now there s a way to dramatically improve your complexion… the Obagi Blue Peel.

The aesthetic nurse practitioners at MBNS are all specially trained to significantly improve the appearance and health of your skin.

Obagi Blue Peel

The Obagi Blue Peel system uses a low concentration of trichloroacetic acid (TCA). The surface layers of aged and damaged skin from the face, and other parts of the body can be effectively removed by this peel system.

Dead skin cells are replaced by healthier ones, allowing the skin s own clarity and tightness to resurface. Our patients find that by keeping their skin s healthy glow and youthful appearance helps fight the ageing process.

The Obagi Nu-Derm system is a prescription treatment that utilizes a specific sequence and frequency of medical skin care home products to help the skin cycle speed up. The Obagi Nu Derm System is targeted to work safely and effectively in conjunction with the Obagi Blue Peel.

Use of the Obagi Nu Derm Skin Care System is essential to prepare your skin prior to undergoing the peel procedure. Take the opportunity to discuss the Obagi Blue Peel procedure with your nurse specialist at MBNS. She will help you determine whether the Obagi Blue Peel is right for you and give you the information you need to get started on the route to a smoother, younger looking skin.

Light Peel – Fire and Ice

Introducing our light peel……….

The Fire and Ice peel is an innovative facial…..It is powerful, anti-aging, smoothing, softening and hydrating.

The first stage of the peel consists of a professionally administered rejuvenating masque which is a controlled clinical exfoliating process.

As it treats and then hydrates your skin, your senses will be awakened by it’s unique warmth and cooling action. This phenomenal system incorporates both active and soothing formulas, which evoke aromas of warm cinnamon spice and brisk cool peppermint.

This peel can be performed weekly in the first instance and then once a month to maintain a clear complexion. Either pre or post dermal filler treatment. For skin healthcare maintenance, the IS Clinical home care products are available at MBNS.

Using iS Clinical products – from a teenager’s point of view