Semi-Permanent Make up

Semi Permanent Make Up, also known as Micro Pigmentation, is the latest buzzword in the beauty industry and is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after treatments for women. This treatment is provided by a specialist practitioner, Fay Verney.

It is a state of the art technique where pigment is placed into the dermal layers of the skin. It has evolved from the ancient art of tattooing. Unlike tattooing however, this procedure does not penetrate the skin as deeply, and the pigments used have been specially designed for semi permanent makeup.

Areas that can be treated for this innovative procedure are the following: Eyebrow enhancement treatment, lip-line treatment and eye-liner treatment. Semi-Permanent makeup can last for many years but this is dependant on many factors including skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle. We recommend a colour boost treatment every twelve to eighteen months to maintain freshness of colour.

Clients, who exercise, swim, run and have beach holidays have all commented how wonderful semi-permanent make up are for looking good  –  without the effort of make up!


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