Fake Bake Tips from the experts!

May 30th, 2014

comm-fakebakeSummer is around the corner so you will probably be getting your summer dresses and shorts out of your cupboads and getting ready to show some leg!

So with the sunshine comes the MBNS and Qutis warning that you are all familiar with which is:  to be careful in the sun and use your SPF 50 at all times – and instead of thinking SUNTAN think FAKE BAKE TAN!

We have a full range of Fake Bake products available in clinic and online for you to buy, from Fair to Flawless and all at 20% off for the month of June, so you can get that sun-kissed look safely without damaging your skin.  Shipping from MBNS is always FREE!

For a perfect application, here are three steps to

the perfect FAKE BAKE tan:

Step 1 – Prepare your skin


• We recommend the first step you take is to use a Fake Bake Body Polish (exfoliator) to gently remove flaking, or dead skin cells to help create a longer lasting tan. Remember your self-tan fades as your skin sheds. If you remove loose skin cells, the remaining ones will not wear off as quickly. Fake Bake ‘polishes’ skin, without lacerating or damaging the surface of newly exposed layers. Fake Bake Body Polish is a soap less product which will leave no residue on the skin.

• With a cupped hand, mix Fake Bake Body Polish with a little water (you may want to apply Polisher in the shower).

• Starting with your feet – apply Fake Bake Body Polish in circular motions working up your legs and body, paying particular attention to feet, knees and elbows.

• Remove excess Fake Bake Body Polish with warm damp mitts or alternatively, shower off.


• Immediately prior to your self-tan, apply a small amount of Fake Bake Skin Smoothie Oil to dry heels, feet, knees and elbows which can be blended when the self-tan is applied.

Step 2 – Apply Self-Tan

• Using gloves (provided with Fake Bake Self-Tan), apply product starting at your neck, working down in small circular motions.

• Working down your torso, onto your legs, lightly glazing the product over your ankles.

• It’s best to apply self-tan to the front of your leg while your knee is bent, but when applying to the back of your leg make sure its straight. Apply product at the bottom of your leg moving upwards in small circular motions.

• When you are working down your arms you can spray Fake Bake Skin Smoothie Oil onto your hands and elbows. This will emulsify the self-tan slightly and smooth the product over any dry areas.

• Keep product off your palms.

• Apply Fake Bake Face Self-Tan using a small amount. Blend over all of your face as if applying a tinted moisturiser. Take into the hair line, blend around the ears and join up to the Fake Bake on your neck.

• Allow the self-tan to dry for 15 to 20 minutes before you  redress.

Step 3 – Maintain your Self-Tanfakebake-banner


• To prolong your Fake Bake self-tan, make sure you keep your skin well moisturised on a daily basis. After showering either spritz yourself with Fake Bake Skin Smoothie Oil or apply Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion. These products have been specially formulated to work with Fake Bake self-tans. Other moisturisers may react with tan as the Alkalines in them stripe colour leaving your skin patchy.


• 5 to 7 days after your tan we recommend you gently exfoliate your skin with Fake Bake Body Polish. Repeat this every 2 days thereafter to ensure your tan fades evenly and to prepare your skin for your next Fake Bake self tan.

If you would like to find out more about Fake Bake or any other of the products and services we offer at MBNS and Qutis Clinics such as wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and permanent hair removal call us today on 01844 213007 or 01993 704050 for Qutis.

All about Rosacea

April 29th, 2014


A ‘Blushing’ Rene Zellwegger

Rosacea is being talked about in the press quite a bit lately, actually highlighting that April is Rosacea month.  Many A-List celebrities are speaking openly about their sensitive skin that looks sore, red and flushed even when they are not exercising or blushing!

Cynthia Nixon (of Sex in the City fame), Cameron Diaz and Rene Zellweger are all self professed Rosacea sufferers.

Rosacea is treated at MBNS and Qutis Clinics on a daily basis.  It is a two pronged approach:  a course of IPL Photorejuvenation coupled with iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum and SPF 50.

Also keeping the triggers of Rosacea at bay help with keeping the skin condition calmer.  Flare ups can be the result of exposure to sunlight (hot and cold weather), hot drinks and spicy foods to name a few.

Our specialist nurses at MBNS and Qutis treat Rosacea with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment.  This light energy targets the flushed areas on the face thus delivering energy which calms the skin and reduces the redness and soreness. The heat from the light damages the dilated red veins, shrinking them so they can no longer be seen, while at the same time causing minimal scarring or damage to the surrounding tissue.  Several treatments are required at 4-6 week intervals.   iS Clinical’s Pro Heal Serum also reduces the inflammation and the SPF 50 acts as a barrier to the elements.  We also have our prescribing nurses in clinic who may also prescribe a specialised anti-inflammatory for further reduction of Rosacea.

If you would like to make a consultation with one of our specialist nurses regarding Rosacea treatments, or any of the other treatments offered at MBNS including permanent hair removal, dermal fillers or wrinkle treatments, call us on 01844 213007 for MBNS and 01933 704050 for Qutis, and we will get back to you quickly.

if you would prefer to contact us by email click HERE for MBNS or HERE For Qutis.

Don’t hide away with Rosacea – our nurses are here to help you!

New Product: introducing iS Clinical’s SHEALD Recovery Balm

April 11th, 2014


New SHEALD post procedure treatment from iS Clinical – available at MBNS online shop

SHEALD is the new SOS emergency beauty balm from iS Clinical.    It is perfect to use immediately post treatment for faster healing.  It calms and encourages skin recovery post procedure while also providing moisture for severely dry skin.

It has been designed to be used after IPL photorejuvenation and sublative rejuvenation (eMatrix).  It not only helps prevent the appearance of scarring, but it is one of the first skincare products to contain the ingredient Kava Kava which controls pain due to it’s anaesthetic effects and limits itch caused by nerve root stimulation during the skin’s healing process.

TOP 3 Uses for SHEALD

1.  Use post treatment to prevent scabbing and itching, minimise scars and help any type of wound to heal faster.

2.  A great daily moisturiser for extremely cracked and dry skin

3.  Ideal for using on irritated and compromised skin

SHEALD fits in perfectly as part of a post-procedure kit for all patients.  For a quick recovery post treatment we suggest:

SHEALD Recovery Balm

Pro Heal Serum

Cleansing Complex

Hydra Cool Serum

Eclipse Factor 50 Sunscreen

All products are available from the MBNS ONLINE SHOP or you can ring us on 01844 213007 to order. Postage is always FREE.

If you would like to find out more about the products or treatments we offer at MBNS and Qutis Clinics, (01993 704050) such as permanent hair removal, dermal fillers, red vein removal and wrinkle treatments,  why not make an appointment to see one of our team of award winning specialist nurses.

We look forward to helping you achieve your skin health goals.



The fabulous iS Clinical Christmas hamper available at MBNS!

November 8th, 2013

Are you looking for that special gift for that special someone this Christmas? – Well look no further than the iS Clinical Christmas hamper from MBNS.

MBNS Xmas Gift Hamper Poster JPEGThe hamper comes packaged in a lovely presentation box with a bow and  it includes many of the best products that  iS Clinical offer, namely:

Cleansing Complex – suitable for all skin types

SPF 50 – sun protection and moisturiser all in one tube!

Youth Eye Complex – perfect for dark circles under the eyes

Youth Complex – a wonderful treatment complex containing human growth hormone that is perfect for wrinkle reduction and dry rough skin.

iS Clinical towelling headband – to keep your hair away from your face  when using these great products!

A FREE Fire and Ice Medical facial – the amazing botanically based facial which opens up your pores which allows the potent serums to  drink into the skin.  It fast forwards your skin to a whole new level.

A FREE Consultation with one of our nurse specialists.  Come in to MBNS on North Street in Thame to discuss your skin ‘s health needs with one of our nurse team.

ImageAnd finally…

The book “Future Proof your Skin!” by Dr Stefanie  Williams, MD Dermatologist.  This great book’s ethos explains the benefits of keeping the skin young and healthy with the use of antioxidants which ties in beautifully with the iS Clinical serums – all in all, a perfect combination.

If you were to buy all these products individually, the price would be in excess of £350 but we are offering it for the special price of only £200 up until Christmas.

So if you would like to find out more regarding the Fire and Ice medical facial or get one of these special hampers before they all go, do ring MBNS on 01844 213007 and we will send this to you immediately and postage is always FREE!