Focus on Rosacea Treatment

January 9th, 2015

Rosacea skincare kitRosacea is a widespread but often misunderstood condition that is estimated to affect more than 45 million people worldwide.  Rosacea is related to hyper-responsivness of the blood vessels in the central face giving the face a flushed look.  Triggers can include alcohol, spicy foods and sun exposure.  Symptoms of rosacea include facial flushing progressing to persistent redness of the cheeks, nose and forehead; stinging or burning of the face; and red bumps or pimples in the central facial skin.

Our experienced nurse practitioners at MBNS and Qutis Clinics see many patients with rosacea and they use  a two pronged approach to treatment:  skin rejuvenation (IPL) and specific products from the iS Clinical range.

IPL photo rejuvenation targets the rosacea by providing a controlled light heat energy into the epidermis reducing the vascularity therefore the patient  experiences a decrease on the visible redness on the surface of the skin.  The best products from the iS Clinical line that go hand in with rosacea treatment are:

Cleansing Complex – which deep cleanses the skin and pores without drying and gently resurfaces and removes dead skin cells.

The full iS Clinical line is available at the MBNS online shop.  Click on image to be taken there now!

The full iS Clinical line is available at the MBNS online shop. Click on image to be taken there now!

Pro Heal Advance Serum reduces the appearance of rosacea and acne and offers fantastic antioxidant protection.  It also contains Vitamin A, E and time released Vitamin C for sustained UV photo-protection.

Hydra Cool Serum offers penetrating hydration and also calms soothes and cools irritated skin.  It reduces the appearance of mild acneic symptoms.

Eclipse SPF 50 which acts as moisturiser and sun protection all in one tube!

If you wish to make a consultation with one of our experienced nurse practitioners to discuss you skin’s health, kindly call MBNS on +44 1844 213007 or Qutis on +44 1993 704050 and we will get back to you swiftly. Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact us by email, CLICK HERE for MBNS and CLICK HERE for Qutis.

All about Rosacea

April 29th, 2014


A ‘Blushing’ Rene Zellwegger

Rosacea is being talked about in the press quite a bit lately, actually highlighting that April is Rosacea month.  Many A-List celebrities are speaking openly about their sensitive skin that looks sore, red and flushed even when they are not exercising or blushing!

Cynthia Nixon (of Sex in the City fame), Cameron Diaz and Rene Zellweger are all self professed Rosacea sufferers.

Rosacea is treated at MBNS and Qutis Clinics on a daily basis.  It is a two pronged approach:  a course of IPL Photorejuvenation coupled with iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum and SPF 50.

Also keeping the triggers of Rosacea at bay help with keeping the skin condition calmer.  Flare ups can be the result of exposure to sunlight (hot and cold weather), hot drinks and spicy foods to name a few.

Our specialist nurses at MBNS and Qutis treat Rosacea with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment.  This light energy targets the flushed areas on the face thus delivering energy which calms the skin and reduces the redness and soreness. The heat from the light damages the dilated red veins, shrinking them so they can no longer be seen, while at the same time causing minimal scarring or damage to the surrounding tissue.  Several treatments are required at 4-6 week intervals.   iS Clinical’s Pro Heal Serum also reduces the inflammation and the SPF 50 acts as a barrier to the elements.  We also have our prescribing nurses in clinic who may also prescribe a specialised anti-inflammatory for further reduction of Rosacea.

If you would like to make a consultation with one of our specialist nurses regarding Rosacea treatments, or any of the other treatments offered at MBNS including permanent hair removal, dermal fillers or wrinkle treatments, call us on 01844 213007 for MBNS and 01933 704050 for Qutis, and we will get back to you quickly.

if you would prefer to contact us by email click HERE for MBNS or HERE For Qutis.

Don’t hide away with Rosacea – our nurses are here to help you!

Acne – More Than Just Skin Deep

September 5th, 2011


Stephanie Green RN

In August I attended a great meeting focussing on Acne,Rosacea and Psorasis, all conditions which are common to many of our patients at MBNS, held by the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses), and sponsored by Galderma. It was an aesthetic dermatology study day  Rosacea is a condition that we treat and control with Intense Pulsed Light, but it was good to hear about other ways to treat alongside the IPL for even better results. Acne is something that all of us will have come across either as young teenagers ourselves, and unfortunately sometimes as we get into our thirties it may strike again, or friends and family around us who suffer from it. We are able to offer a range of treatments from skin peels, advanced skin products such as iS Clinical, and our latest treatment – eMatrix, a revolutionary skin resurfacing technology.

I have also been accepted to be a member of the British Dermatological Nursing Group which will mean, I will be updated on these and many other skin conditions. I expressed an interest particularly in the skin cancer study days. So watch this space as they say, and I will let you know how I get on.