Patient feedback in their own words:


I’ve been visiting Adrian Baker at MBNS clinic, Thame and also at Qutis Clinic, Witney for around five years. I had previously been a client of another clinic where I had three sessions of an earlier generation dermal filler.

I read an ad for MBNS clinic and so I went there instead. Upon arrival, Adrian explained that they only provided the newer generation dermal filler and we discussed it together and he assured me that safer and more controllable results could be achieved using different products. He also said that I looked fantastic as was, and didn’t ’need’ anything at all. As such, there was never any question about hard selling.

I felt that when the effects of my previous filler disappeared, the appearance of aging very quickly was quite scary and depressing because the speed is amplified (filler goes plus natural aging seemed to be like something out of a horror film to me where Dracula gets hit by sunlight and becomes old in a flash).

We have together transferred to the new generation Voluma dermal filler. It does feel like a mutual journey with Adrian, something you share together which is very important, and indeed that’s why I will always go to him.

I have thrown curve balls at Adrian. I have visited him saying I needed to look 28 for a part (I was 44 at the time) – and he delivered. I’ve also said that I was more comfortable looking older than I had been before, and I wanted less but I could do with some help with sagging jowls – Adrian delivered there too. He is a bit of a wizard technically, but – it’s the fact I trust his aesthetic taste, and his understanding he has which is the main thing for me. I do feel he has a sense of what works for male face which I haven’t seen with other practitioners.

Adrian Baker

Adrian Baker RN NIP