Male Clients


Q. Do you treat men at the clinic?

A. Yes, our male clients are increasing in number. The male market is a progressive one, and we make sure our male clientele feel at home and relaxed.

Q. Do male treatments differ from female ones?

A. No, they are very similar but men often need more treatment due to the strength and size of male muscles, and the thickness of their skin. They always require more wrinkle relaxant than females. That is reflected in the price for male frown relaxing injections.

Q. Apart from wrinkle relaxants, what other treatments do you offer for your male clients?

A. We offer a variety of dermal fillers which are becoming more and more popular with out male clients.  Fillers tend to smooth out deeper lines on the face which improve the overall look and at the same time tends to produce a younger looking face. The most popular lines to treat with a dermal filler are the nose to mouth lines. (see picture Mark Morgan).

We also offer an injection for Hyperhidrosis which combats excessive sweating under the arms.  This treatment is performed twice a year and leaves the underarms perspiration free.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments for permanent hair reduction are also gaining popularity with our male clients.  The areas treated differ from our female clients, with a popular area to treat being the back.

More men are attending MBNS for Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for photorejuvenation. The treatment is for facial veins and pigmentation changes due to sun damage, it also stimulates the skin to produce collagen thus giving a more youthful look.

Before Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

After Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment


What were your reasons for wanting to have treatment?

Well quite honestly I was fed up of people at work saying I looked annoyed because of the constant frown I had on my face. I really do lead a full life, and as a consequence, I looked tired. I’m a person who does like to spend money on good clothes and think also I take care of my skin with decent products, but something more was needed!

How comfortable did you feel about coming into the clinic knowing that it was mainly a female environment?

After researching MBNS on the internet and also after having a consultation over the telephone I knew I was dealing with a group of very professional people, so the fact it was a female environment was of no consequence to me. I was made to feel at ease with the whole experience from the time I made my first enquiry all the way through to the end of the treatment. I also was in the waiting room with another chap and we chatted quite freely about the European Cup while waiting for treatment!

Did you think that treatment would be painful or uncomfortable, and was it?

Not at all. As men today are looking after their health and appearance more by visiting the gym regularly and wearing nicer clothes, it seemed natural that the next step was to address the aging process, and as I now know, dermal fillers improve the lines and make the face look brighter, fresher and younger, but not feminine.

Did you find the times offered for treatments suited you?

My appointments were tailored to ensure that there was no disruption to my everyday life. The fact the clinic opens late a couple of evenings a week (until 7pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays) is a real godsend to someone working 40 hours plus every week.

Did you worry whether or not your friends would a) notice or b) approve?

I guess there’s always a bit of apprehension when you try something new however I hoped that the results would be something to proud of and my single minded attitude soon banished any negative thoughts I may have had. This results theory was backed up with the host of positive comments that I have experienced post treatment.

Before Dermal Filler

After Dermal Filler


Steve, 46, explains how his Dermal Filler (Sculptra™) treatment worked…

I have always held the belief that men should look after their appearance. In my opinion, there isn’t anything vain about it, we clean our cars, we paint the outside of our houses, so keeping your own exterior maintained is quite normal.

Turning 40 was not the big deal that I thought it would be, I was very active attending Karate Classes 2/3 times a week, with a semi regular visit to the gym.

At 45 however, I decided to join my partner in her training for a half marathon and lost a fair amount of weight relatively quickly. I felt great until I noticed that the weight was coming off my face and making me look tired, gaunt, and worst of all older, this really hit me when I was snapped side on in a photo. It didn’t look like me, not the me I had in my head anyway, I had lost so much volume in my cheeks and the more I looked in the mirror the worse I was feeling. I actually became quite down about it.

This came up in conversation with a friend who noticed I wasn’t my usual self. Fortunately she had heard of the Sculptra product, so later I set off on a Google research quest to find out more. I quickly came across the MBNS clinic in Thame, and after checking out their website I made a rather apprehensive phone call armed with my newly acquired internet knowledge. They were very welcoming and made me feel at ease right away, so I booked an initial consultation.

One of my concerns was actually looking like I had had treatment, I have a few rugby player mates and after dishing out my fair share of banter, I just knew they would have a field day! The specialist at MBNS chuckled ever so politely at this and explained that it was a gradual process that would stimulate my own collagen… ok, so my own collagen will start to plump out my face again? Great, so just how gradual are we talking here I asked? A noticeable change after about 3 months and 9 months to reach the full effect! Sure enough, after just 3 treatments and 9 months later I have been very pleased with the results. Apparently, it lasts for about 2 years, but the good news is you can just have a further treatment to maintain your own collagen growth, should you need it.

I have had people commenting that I look well, the only people that know about the treatment are those I choose to tell. I did come clean and tell the rugby chaps, and after a little bit of stick, one asked for the number of MBNS and the other admitted that he had had filler! We stopped short of having a group hug, or going shopping together, but it just goes to show you!

I’m 46 now and I am a great deal happier when, armed with my shaving gel and razor, I catch myself staring back.




Lewis aged 47 and works in the City as a business consultant. 

“The workplace can be a tough place to be right now, particularly in the City which is very youth orientated, and the pressure is definitely on in the current financial climate. A hard stare in the mirror one morning brought me to my senses; I was looking tired and drawn.  I am not vain. I am not averse to the odd line or two – they can add character and bestow experience, but the hollows under my eyes made me look weary and lacking energy. So time to consult MBNS – a well established skin clinic which was recommended to me by a colleague.

The pre-treatment consultation was very thorough.  I was assured that after a course of Restylane Vital treatments that my skin would look fresher and toned. Restylane would also soften my tear trough hollows and deep nose to mouth lines to give a more energised look. 

So I embarked on a course of Restylane Vital treatments to my mid face and decided to go ahead with the treatments for the tear trough and nose to mouth lines.  

I am so delighted with the results.  As promised I look better for the age I am, not dramatically different. I no longer look tired all the time.  I could see the results of the tear trough and nose to mouth lines treatment immediately which was very exciting – the lines had been lifted away. Best of all I left the clinic and got back to day to day living with no downtime. 

I can highly recommend Restylane Vital as a skin boosting treatment – my skin feels firmer and more toned as a result – a result that I am not sure that any cream or moisturiser could achieve! 

Undoubtedly my treatment expectations have been exceeded – the treatments have given me a real boost and I am more than happy to pop back once or twice a year to have maintenance treatments to sustain the benefits.”



Encounters with male patients wishing to receive aesthetic treatments, such as dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments, used to be few and far between, with men feeling they may become feminised or emasculated.  But over recent years, the male demand for aesthetic treatments has soared. It is thought this may be as a result of men becoming more conscious of their appearance, taking pride in hair styles and clothing, following masculine idols who embrace appearance and because of the competitive job market that requires us to look as confident as we feel. As techniques have developed over time, men needn’t be concerned that masculine features will be feminised, and in fact male treatments are targeted to enhance masculine features, such as male specific cheeks, chin and jawline, as well as reducing the signs of negative facial displays such as the frown.

Even lip definition, with dermal fillers such as Juvederm Volbella, has proven to be a popular treatment for men, enhancing the confident man’s smile.

Q.  John, what made you decide to have a lip enhancement treatment?

“ I have always felt very self conscious of how thin my lips look, but never considered having dermal fillers as I thought I would end up looking too feminine or trout pouty. When I recently read that male cosmetic treatments were on the rise, I thought, you know what? I’m going to find out more about this.

Q.  Why did you choose MBNS?

I called MBNS as they had a fabulous website, and they were so helpful and knowledgeable about the treatment, that I knew I was making the right choice. The skill of the Nurse practitioners at MBNS is second to none. I was so impressed by how they listened to my concerns and managed to give me the lips I have always wanted. I couldn’t be happier and finally feel confident in my smile.”

Q.  How did the treatment make you feel?

I really felt more confident about my lips than I had previously!  The results are subtle, and just right for me.

At MBNS, we have an array of treatments that can assist you in maintaining a fresh, confident and masculine appearance, such as wrinkle treatments to reduce heavy frown lines, and Juvederm Voluma to create stronger, more masculine chin and jawline.


Our patients at MBNS  visit us regularly as we provide a natural, fresher look for their skin.  None more so than Geoff –  who lost a lot of weight after spending months in hospital last year and was looking older than his years.

Juvederm Ultra was used to rejuvenate Geoff’s face

Geoff came to see one of our aesthetic nurse specialist, Stephanie Green, with a desire to look refreshed.  He was well again, but his face did not reflect how he was really feeling inside. Geoff, on consultation with Stephanie decided  to go ahead and have some dermal filler treatment, in this case, Juvederm Ultra was used.  He didn’t want to look any younger but wanted to feel and look healthier.

As you can see from the photos below showing his before and after treatment, his face looks fuller and more healthy, and he now looks his natural best.  His face now reflects his new healthy self.

Geoff before Juvederm Ultra Dermal Filler treatment
IMG_0909 (1)
Geoff after Juvederm Ultra dermal filler treatment