New nurse introduction – Karen Buen RN 

Karen Buen

Karen Buen RN

The newest addition to our team is Karen Buen, we are very happy to welcome her, Karen is both a beauty therapist and fully qualified registered nurse.

As a former Health Visitor in nearby Aylesbury, Karen noticed how important it was for new mums to feel confident about their appearance, in order to ward off the baby blues. “ Once baby is born, new mum’s might easily forget their own skin’s health”, she told us. “But, it really is an easy win, if you get a skin nurse’s expert advice and use a clinical grade of product, especially with potent botanicals and plant hormones to even out any extra pigment that is so often found in post pregnancy skin.

I am so glad that I am working with excellent clinical grade skincare and want all my former patients to come and visit me in my new job  at MBNS Clinic in Thame. The team at the clinic make great cups of tea or coffee, really listens to clients and our treatments really helps rebuild self esteem.