Dermal Filler treatment at MBNS

Helen’s Story

helenHelen is a working mum. She feels her face has looked older in the last few years. She had heard about the expert injection face lifts that the practitioners at MBNS can perform.

She felt she looked tired even when she was not. She even had a few negative comments about this.

After a thorough consultation and  treatment plan with our nurses, gentle dermal filler was introduced first to the mid face around the cheek bones and eye corners. Drooping eye lids had concerned Helen as well as ‘hollowness’ of her mid face. Discreet injections of Juvederm Volift dermal filler were used to lift Helen’s brow and open up her eyes. Juvederm Voluma was used to give structure to her mid face. An advanced technique using a cannula was used to address Helen’s lateral face.

Finally Helen’s lips were sensitively rebalanced using a bruise free technique.

Helen’s before and after photographs show a natural and immediate result that she was o et the moon with.

We asked Helen to return for a medical review in four weeks, ALSO informing her that her results will continue to improve as the implanted natural properties of the dermal filler integrates with her own dermal tissue.

Carine’s Story

CarineCarine felt that she looked tired and was unhappy with the shape of her nose. 

The left images show the treatment plan and the right images show Carine after she had been injected  as well as reshaped her nose. We used Juvederm’s Vycross Dermal Fillers which will last her 12-18 months. She is really pleased with her natural results. 






Donna’s Story


Image (2)

Left photo showing the nurse specialist treatment plan for Donna to understand where the discrete injections will occur. The right hand photo shows a very fresh look with good natural lip & cheek projection. 

In her own words:  

“People have always commented that my best features are my eyes but when I looked at myself in the mirror, to me, they looked tired and drawn. 

Although I want to grow old gracefully I am not willing to give up the effort of looking after myself just yet!

When I met Marea at MBNS Clinic in Thame she reassured me and spent a lot of time showing me how I could have very gentle and discrete dermal fillers as I didn’t really want people to know.  I am so glad that I chose MBNS and that Marea is my practitioner, she is thorough and always interested in what I have to say even though sometimes they are worries and fears.  She puts my mind at ease and the results are just wonderful.  I couldn’t recommend her and MBNS more highly.  When it is your face that is been treated you don’t want to skip on safety expertise and skill.”



SB LIPSSarah wanted a very natural lip enhancement – she was so happy with the result.  The body of the lip was subtly filled with Juvederm Volbella and the mouth corners were freshened up also.

Dermal filler Treatment using Juvederm Volbella

Marea demonstrates on her patient, Carol, the lip enhancement dermal filler, Juvederm Volbella:

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Anna’s Story

I did my homework before I went ahead for treatment.   I researched both on the net and spoke to friends who had already undergone various non surgical procedures.   I knew that a good reputation was paramount, so I was referred by a friend to the nursing specialists at MBNS Clinic.  They have over seventeen years experience and are the number one clinic in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas for the treatment of skin health.  I met for a consultation with Advanced Nurse Specialist, Marea Brennan Thorns who advised that I receive a volumising treatment with a dermal filler.

I have always felt that my face was too thin.  BEFORE TREATMENT WITH DERMAL FILLER  During pregnancy I was so pleased with the extra weight visible in my face. However, after having my children, my weight returned to normal and I felt that my face really became too long and thin. I also swim and exercise a lot. With wet hair my face appeared elongated and I just wanted some volume/weight in my cheeks.  I also had a little furrow in mynoseand had no idea that a dAFTER TREATMENT WITH DERMAL FILLERermal filler  could be used to correct this as well.

In the warm and welcoming clinic at MBNS, I discussed my situation with Marea and she suggested that the best way to achieve the look I wanted was to be treated with a  Hyaluronic Acid based dermal filler injected into both cheeks and the little furrow in my nose.

This has provided me with a healthy, natural look. It has made such a difference to the way I feel about myself. It is only slight but I love the effect it has.

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