Beard Bumps – Pseudo-folliculitis barbae and folliculitis

Beard bumps (pseudo-folliculitis barbae) are commonly found on men with dark skin and whose hair has a tendency to curl. It occurs when the growing hair curls back on itself and re-enters the skin.

The skin reacts to the hair as a foreign body and it becomes inflamed and irritated, creating bumps. Sometimes these bumps become quite large and can be treated with topical steroid cream.  Another way to remove them is by pulling the ingrown hair out after each shaving, which is painful and time consuming.


Pseudofolliculitis Barbae also know as beard bumps is treated at MBNS

AT MBNS our nurse specialists use laser hair removal for long-lasting effective relief of beard bumps by removing the hair follicles.

Folliculitis is also an inflammation of hair follicles due to bacterial or fungal infections. The area around the hair follicles looks inflamed and acne-like, and often extrudes pus. Unlike the pseudo folliculitis barbae, folliculitis can occur in all skin and hair types and is not always related to shaving.  This problem can be temporary or chronic. As with the shaving bumps, laser hair removal can help relieve this uncomfortable condition by removing the hairs along the hair shaft where bacteria and fungus exist.