Ask Marea Brennan Thorns MSc RN NIP: Dermal Fillers.


Marea NEWAs an advanced nurse specialist who has been in medical aesthetics for fourteen years, Marea says “there’s never been a better time to look fresher, relaxed and youthful.”

“I now know that anti-ageing isn’t really about quick fixes. Fortunately the MBNS nurse practitioners understanding of facial ageing is more advanced than most and we advise on treatment which is subtle and breathtakingly effective…we ourselves understand what our clients want to achieve…we look upon our client’s faces as fine canvasses and we embark on restoring them in a respectful yet aesthetically pleasing way. The best way to restore an ageing face is to use a combination of anti-ageing techniques that work safely and effectively. I personally like the effects of three dimensional liquid lifting using Radiesse® to lift and plump up volume loss in the skin, and dermal fillers such as Restylane®, Juvederm® or Belotero® for restoring the area around the mouth.

I am a great believer in cosmetic muscle relaxing injections, which can subtly lift the brow and relax the frown. But don’t come into my treatment room and ask for an immobile -fixed brow, because that is against my treatment philosophy – most of us want to look our best, which means a natural fresh back from holiday sort of look.

Finally and very importantly, I like to educate and inform all my clients about skin health. At its simplest, a good facial wash and a daily anti-oxidant and sun protectant cream. A great favourite with my clients at the moment is the IS Clinical range. IS stand for Innovative Skincare and I like the fact that these products not only help with anti-aging, but has a cancer care range of skin health products. All these products are clinically validated. They are of pharmaceutical strength and are based on botanicals.

I like to use the Pro-Heal on my patients post injection treatment as it has a natural antibiotic (olive leaf extract) and it has a potent anti-inflammatory effect.” It is also helpful for patients who suffer from Rosacea, in that it soothes and calms the skin and decreases redness, check it out on our online shop.


Marea was named Aesthetic Nurse of the year in March 2013 from the British Journal of Nursing.



I wanted to look my best for our wedding in Florida in February, but at the age of 53 it was going to be a little more of a challenge to look like a radiant bride than when I got married the first time at 23!

Marea suggested Botox and dermal fillers to achieve a natural but well-rested look. The treatment was virtually painless and although I dislike needles, she made me feel really at ease throughout the process.

All the staff at MBNS are really helpful and welcoming and I would absolutely recommend that you book up to get the face back that you remember from years ago!

Diana R

Diana R

"For many years I've been unhappy with my lips. Years of smoking took it's toll and left them lined. Having relatively thin lips too (with lines) made them look permanently dehydrated and no end of 'plumping' creams helped. Lipsticks and glosses also drew attention to their state. I'd wanted fillers for a long time but was extremely worried I'd end up with a 'trout pout' or a 'shelf effect'. Well, I needn't have worried. Marea did a fantastic and very gradual effect. The process was also reversible should I not be happy. But I was, I loved it. So much so that when the initial slight swelling went Marea and I felt a little more would complete the look. The fillers were inserted in the right places for my shape of mouth so that they would be slightly fuller, hydrated and did not protrude. A little change has made a big difference. Thank you so very much."

Susan Jones