Kit Meads

Kit Meads has been with MBNS since June 2008 and following the birth of her sons Luke and then Liam,  she has returned as the clinic’s Saturday receptionist. Prior to working at MBNS she spent two years at the University of West of England, studying drama and psychology, before trying various temporary jobs- all dealing with the general public. Her previous experience in tele-sales and marketing greatly assists her in her day to day work at the clinic in managing client- telephone enquiries as well as merchandising skin care and mineral make up products in the reception area.

She brings a younger perspective to the MBNS Clinic, and Kit feels this is of help when dealing with some of the younger skin-care clients who have problem skin or teenage acne.

The MBNS treatments in Kit’s own words…

“In this modern world of your appearance mattering more than it did say 20 years ago. I am learning that prevention is better than cure…I follow the IS Clinical Skin-care regime, taking care to feed my skin and also protect it from all the elements such as pollution and sun damage.  I have recently enjoyed my first holiday as a new wife and mum.  I cannot recommend the iS Clinical Treatment SPF enough, it reduces accidental redness caused by sun exposure & reduces prickly heat rash!

Before my holiday I also underwent permanent hair reduction with the clinic’s new fast hair laser, and nowadays I don’t have to worry about shaving under my arms & the time I took managing this; I now use to look after my complexion!

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with axillary hyperhidrosis, an embarrassing condition of excessive underarm sweating, I now have a twice yearly simple injection treatment, performed here at the clinic and it’s life changing…I am no longer embarrassed, because it’s gone…which means I can now talk about it and help others with this treatment solution.”