Becky Herreros


Becky Herreros

Becky has been part of the team at MBNS and Qutis (with an educational break) for over 10 years!

Becky was born and grew up in Oxford until deciding to spread her wings and travel in her early 20s. A gap year that started in Chicago USA extended for a further 9 years and included travel to South East Asia, Australia and all across America where she finally settled in Los Angeles and worked as a Television Producer.

Becky had her son in 2005 and joined the MBNS team as Receptionist.  After two years with us, she decided to return to education.  She studied Art and Design at Foundation level, followed by a Fine Art Degree at Oxford Brookes University, graduating in 2012.

Having stayed in touch with Marea and the team she remained interested in the world of aesthetics and jumped at the chance of rejoining the team in the role of Clinic Co-ordinator in January 2015.

In January 2016 Becky was very excited to expand her role to include Marketing and Premises, she now applies her Fine Art talent and learning to promotional materials and the websites of the group of clinics as well as the aesthetic of our historic buildings.


Treatment in her own words:

I have suffered from poor eye sight which caused me to squint, and I noticed that I had begun to develop strong lines in my forehead and between my eyes that made me look and feel unhappy and tired.   I decided that it was time for a wrinkle treatment!  I have this simple treatment every 12 weeks to keep the wrinkles from deepening and also to soften the lines around my eyes.  As I am now in my early 40’s and want to look my natural best.  I am having some soft tissue dermal filler (Juvederm Voluma) to subtly enhance my cheeks and give me a healthy, natural and more well rested look.