Anne Devenport

Anne devenport

Anne Devenport


Anne is the Customer Services Manager for both MBNS and Qutis Clinics.  She is directly responsible for all clinic coordination and admin.   Anne also heads team training. She holds a Marketing Degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada where she lived for several years.

She was a volunteer for Marea Brennan Thorns back in the mid 90’s, who in those days was carving her niche as a pioneer of aesthetic nursing. Anne was one of the first people to receive collagen injections in her lips.

Anne returned to Canada to start her own business in an unrelated field (the garment industry), and on returning to the UK in August 2006, she met up again with Marea and has been part of the MBNS and Qutis team ever since.

Anne completed a mystery phone shopper, and helped MBNS achieve the top scoring clinic in Europe for Allergan.

Anne’s treatment, in her own words:

Although, I believe, I have been blessed with good genes (my mother at 89 looks a good 10 years younger) I wanted to give myself a helping hand. I began to address my years of being a sun worshipper where lines had appeared and my skin had lost its brightness and tone. So here at MBNS and Qutis, I am lucky to have regular skin peels and use some of the best products that are on the market to keep my skin in top condition, such as Jan Marini and IS Clinical. I also had been a sufferer for many years with migraine headaches. I have however conquered these with an injection of a muscle relaxant which is administered by one of our specialist nurses every four months or so. I am so pleased to say that I am now migraine free and my wrinkles have also been softened as a result of the treatment. Along with the occasional dermal filler, I am able to pause the ageing process at least a little!