Angela Hunt



Angela Hunt is the first face that welcomes you to the MBNS Clinic . Angela is the Clinic Co-ordinator and is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of the clinic. Originating from Canadian roots, she has spent most of her career specialising in hospitality and as such, brings a welcome smile to all who enter the clinic.

On joining MBNS, Angela has already benefitted from being treated from treatment for Hyperhidrosis.

Angela’s Treatment in her own words:

 I love working with people and focus all my energy into making sure MBNS customers receive a level of service I would expect myself. An ethic I strive to maintain on a day to day basis.

 Having spent many years working in hospitality and customer care, I have learned that to provide an optimum level of service for clients often requires a huge amount of energy, whilst maintaining a seamless level of composure. As such, my personal presentation is paramount. During a demanding schedule and having to maintain a pristine appearance, excessive sweating has always presented me with a severe problem, especially under my arms.

I was embarrassed to talk about this, but fortunately I was able to talk to one of the MBNS nurses as a patient. She was very sympathetic and instilled me with confidence that a short and simple injection treatment would help-she was right! Now I don’ t sweat the “small stuff” and can forget that I was ever troubled by excessive perspiration, its made a big difference to my levels of confidence…thank you MBNS!