All about Rosacea

April 29th, 2014


A ‘Blushing’ Rene Zellwegger

Rosacea is being talked about in the press quite a bit lately, actually highlighting that April is Rosacea month.  Many A-List celebrities are speaking openly about their sensitive skin that looks sore, red and flushed even when they are not exercising or blushing!

Cynthia Nixon (of Sex in the City fame), Cameron Diaz and Rene Zellweger are all self professed Rosacea sufferers.

Rosacea is treated at MBNS and Qutis Clinics on a daily basis.  It is a two pronged approach:  a course of IPL Photorejuvenation coupled with iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum and SPF 50.

Also keeping the triggers of Rosacea at bay help with keeping the skin condition calmer.  Flare ups can be the result of exposure to sunlight (hot and cold weather), hot drinks and spicy foods to name a few.

Our specialist nurses at MBNS and Qutis treat Rosacea with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment.  This light energy targets the flushed areas on the face thus delivering energy which calms the skin and reduces the redness and soreness. The heat from the light damages the dilated red veins, shrinking them so they can no longer be seen, while at the same time causing minimal scarring or damage to the surrounding tissue.  Several treatments are required at 4-6 week intervals.   iS Clinical’s Pro Heal Serum also reduces the inflammation and the SPF 50 acts as a barrier to the elements.  We also have our prescribing nurses in clinic who may also prescribe a specialised anti-inflammatory for further reduction of Rosacea.

If you would like to make a consultation with one of our specialist nurses regarding Rosacea treatments, or any of the other treatments offered at MBNS including permanent hair removal, dermal fillers or wrinkle treatments, call us on 01844 213007 for MBNS and 01933 704050 for Qutis, and we will get back to you quickly.

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Don’t hide away with Rosacea – our nurses are here to help you!

CE Mark for eMatrix for acne and stretch marks

April 17th, 2014 has been offering sublative rejuvenation, which is also called eMatrix, since 2011, and many of our patients have this treatment to successfully resurface the skin and help with such areas as acne, stretch marks and lax skin.

Taking on a new treatment is not something we do lightly at MBNS and Qutis Clinics.  We ensure that there are medical papers backing the treatments and the claims made by the manufacturers are accurate.  We test it thoroughly before it becomes part of our offering.

Once again, MBNS and Qutis Clinics have been ahead of the trend by putting our confidence in such an effective treatment as eMatrix

The results spoke for themselves and so when we found out this week that the treatment has achieved a CE mark, which is a lengthy process that tests the efficacy of the treatment, the ability to meet EU safety, and health or environmental requirements, we were not at all surprised.  

Once again, MBNS and Qutis Clinics have been ahead of the trend by putting our confidence in such an effective treatment.   Our nurses knew that this treatment was exceptionally effective for stretch marks, skin irregularities, active acne and acne scarring, and the CE mark proves this outright.  You can read the full article here.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our specialist nurses regarding eMatrix or any other treatment offered at MBNS and Qutis clinics such as wrinkle treatments, permanent hair removal and mole removal, to name a few, kindly call MBNS on 01844 213007 or Qutis on 01993 704050.  If you would prefer to contact us by email, please click HERE FOR MBNS and HERE FOR QUTIS.  A member of our team will get back to you quickly.


Semi-permanent make up – choose a PROFESSIONAL

April 16th, 2014

Semi Perm makeup

Semi-permanent make up procedure at MBNS and Qutis Clinics

An article this week in the Daily Mail highlighted the growing popularity of semi permanent make up  in the UK.  It follows the trend in the USA by many A List Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Gwen Stefani who are fans, and the lure of having a hassle free make up routine draws many people to going down this route.

The results can be amazing if done well by an experienced professional.   It lasts about 1-2 years and a top up is required to keep the colour perfect.

Unfortunately, along with the rise in popularity, comes an influx of practitioners who lack skill and experience.  Training courses run for only a couple of days  and as the industy is unregulated, the technicians can work on anyone willing to pay.  Also and along with discount offers from places such as Groupon, the service is devalued.  This should start the alarm bells ringing in the ears of anyone wanting to go down this route.

Steps you should take before having semi permanent make up:

1.  Firstly and foremost, you must choose an experienced semi-permanent make up artist.  This procedure takes a great deal of skill that is gathered over time.  Ask to see their before and after photos of the brows, lips and eyes they have done previously.

2.  Ask them about their experience, training and testimonials from other clients.

3.  Ask to see their certificates.  Semi-permanent make up artists should also be regulated by the local district council.

4.  Never be lured into big discounted offers – they usually are too good to be true.

5.  Ensure that the location is sterile and professional.   The equipment must be sterile and disposed of correctly also.  It is never a good idea to go to someone’s house for treatment.

fay 1

Fay Verney – semi-permanent make up artist

We here at MBNS and Qutis Clinics have our own Semi-permanent make up artist, Fay Verney.  Fay has been in business over ten years with many happy clients who keep coming back.  Existing clients also refer their friends too, and her business has grown greatly over the years.

If you would like to find out more about semi permanent make up, or any of the other treatments we offer at MBNS and Qutis such as wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and permanent hair removal, kindly call us on 01844 213007 for MBNS and 01993 70405 for Qutis.  Alternatively, if you would like to contact us by email click HERE for MBNS and HERE for Qutis.  Fay Verney can also be contacted directly on 07876496901.

New Product: introducing iS Clinical’s SHEALD Recovery Balm

April 11th, 2014


New SHEALD post procedure treatment from iS Clinical – available at MBNS online shop

SHEALD is the new SOS emergency beauty balm from iS Clinical.    It is perfect to use immediately post treatment for faster healing.  It calms and encourages skin recovery post procedure while also providing moisture for severely dry skin.

It has been designed to be used after IPL photorejuvenation and sublative rejuvenation (eMatrix).  It not only helps prevent the appearance of scarring, but it is one of the first skincare products to contain the ingredient Kava Kava which controls pain due to it’s anaesthetic effects and limits itch caused by nerve root stimulation during the skin’s healing process.

TOP 3 Uses for SHEALD

1.  Use post treatment to prevent scabbing and itching, minimise scars and help any type of wound to heal faster.

2.  A great daily moisturiser for extremely cracked and dry skin

3.  Ideal for using on irritated and compromised skin

SHEALD fits in perfectly as part of a post-procedure kit for all patients.  For a quick recovery post treatment we suggest:

SHEALD Recovery Balm

Pro Heal Serum

Cleansing Complex

Hydra Cool Serum

Eclipse Factor 50 Sunscreen

All products are available from the MBNS ONLINE SHOP or you can ring us on 01844 213007 to order. Postage is always FREE.

If you would like to find out more about the products or treatments we offer at MBNS and Qutis Clinics, (01993 704050) such as permanent hair removal, dermal fillers, red vein removal and wrinkle treatments,  why not make an appointment to see one of our team of award winning specialist nurses.

We look forward to helping you achieve your skin health goals.



Treatment focus – eMatrix (e2)

April 4th, 2014 I thought I would zero in on a really great treatment we offer here at MBNS and Qutis Clinics called eMatrix or e2.

eMatrix is a heat treatment for the skin which uses radio frequency to bring about skin tightening and refreshes the complexion. Because it uses fractional technology via a matrix of heated pins, it causes very little superficial heat damage to the skin, but it does cause substantial deeper tightening within the dermis. All this means you will need very little ‘recovery-time’ by comparison to traditional heat and laser skin tightening technologies.

People who can benefit from the eMatrix treatments are:

  • People with acne scarring

  • People with active acne, who may require a break-out first aid type of treatment

  • People who want a much fresher face with even pigment

  • People with crepey necks or fine wrinkles

  • People with scars or stretch marks to their arms or abdomens

For Anne

eMatrix for acne treatments

For a fresher complexion 2-3 treatments at 3-4 weekly intervals are advised

For severe scarring 20 treatments may be required at 3-4 weekly intervals

Treatments costs are between £250-£500 dependent on area and time taken.  We also do offer interest free payment plans

If you would like to find out about this or any other of our treatments such as permanent hair removal, dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments that we offer at MBNS and Qutis, kindly call us on 01844 213007 for MBNS and 01993 704050 for Qutis and we will get back to you quickly.

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Our team of specialist nurses are looking forward to helping you achieve your skin health goals.

Free iS Clinical Skin Regime Kit at MBNS & Qutis

April 2nd, 2014

It’s April now, and the weather is actually beginning to get milder after an horrendously wet and windy winter!  The days are drawing out, and we all know what that means: We will be out and about enjoying the new season, booking holiday time and generally thinking about what to plan for the summer ahead.

Well here is a question for you:

Q.  What should you be thinking about, now that the weather is changing (i.e.  it is getting warmer, there are more sunlight hours, and more outdoor activity)?

A.  I must make sure I am protecting and looking after my skin!

Now you know the answer, we can help you with a

FREE iS Clinical Skin Regime Kit

Here at MBNS and Qutis Clinics we have a great offer on our iS Clincial 30ml Serums.  If you purchase one of the following serums:

30ml Active Serum – great for lines and wrinkles and acne

30ml Pro Heal  – helps to feed the skin, providing antioxidant protection and helps with Rosacea (redness of the skin)

30ml White Lightening,  – reduces brown spots and pigmentation

You will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE, a travel size (60ml) Cleansing Complex, a Hydra Cool Serum 3.75 ml, a 10ml Eclipse SPF 50 and a Regime Booklet.

These skin regime kits will get you on the right path to healthy skin and you will be protected against the damaging effect of the sun and the UV rays that are getting stronger by the day towards their highest point on 21st June.  Feeding the skin with antioxidants and protecting it with a good SPF barrier of factor 50 will ensure that you enjoy that sunshine safely.

So why not grab your skin regime kit today? – your skin will thank you for it!  You can either order straight from the MBNS online shop, or call us and we will post it to you  – the postage is also always FREE!

If you would like to find out more about how the MBNS and Qutis Clinic nurse team can advise you on many areas of skin health including dermal fillers, wrinkle treatments, IPL for permanent hair removal, or removal of red veins and pigmentation (sun damage), to name a few, then kindly ring MBNS on 01844 213007 or 01993 704050 for Qutis and we will get back to you swiftly.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact us by email, please click HERE for MBNS and HERE for Qutis.

We look forward to helping you achieve your skin health goals, naturally and safely.






FREE Regime Kit with 30ml iS Clinical Serums this month at MBNS and Qutis