Moles, skin tags and milia treatment at MBNS

September 27th, 2013

Qutis Open Event pptRecently we have noticed at MBNS an increase in patients enquiring about mole, skin tag and milia removal.  This treatment is a simple and quick procedure by our nurses that can remove these benign lumps and bumps.

We can treat benign moles, skin tags and milia with thermolysis

We treat these skin blemishes with thermolysis which is a simple cautery method. We can treat benign moles, skin tags and milia by inserting a small heated probe into the blemish, destroying the tissue.

As moles are treated to give an aesthetic improvement, we do not remove any surrounding tissue for laboratory analysis. We therefore ask you to have any moles to be treated, checked firstly by your GP and provide a covering letter of authorisation.

Local anaesthetic is given so there is little discomfort to the procedure. Slight swelling and redness is normal after treatment and a scab will form, dropping off as the area heals.

If you would like to find out more about the removal of moles, skin tags and milia, why not arrange a consultation with one of our specialist nurses on 01844 213007 or fill out the form HERE and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Calling all hyperpigmentation sufferers! Help is at hand!

September 24th, 2013


Kit Meads – Saturday Patient Advisor at MBNS

Having worked at MBNS every Saturday throughout the summer, I thought I would share with you some of the great tips that I have learned from patient feedback ,and also from my own experience, so that you can benefit also!

Hyperpigmentation (the uneven darkening of certain areas of the skin caused by increased Melanin from exposure to the sun)

The main issue that patients required our help for we found in our Saturday Clinic, was the development of facial hyperpigmentation during our ‘heatwave’ back in July.   Hyperpigmentation  more commonly described as sun spots or the uneven darkening of certain areas of the skin.  This is caused by increased Melanin from exposure to the sun and is something that can an affect all of us.

Causing an uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation can age us dramatically and the best way of treating it, is by preventing it!  By this I mean wearing a pharmaceutical grade SPF such as iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50 (£35 from our online store) every day, rain or shine. The harmful rays from the sun can easily penetrate the thickest cloud, so even on a cloudy, rainy and even snowy day you must ALWAYS protect your skin with a sun protection factor.

If however, you have been caught out and your skin has developed pigmentation already then our best advice for treatment is to have a course of  IPL Photo Rejuvenation treatments  which specifically targets the dark areas of pigmentation and lightens them, giving the end result of a much more even skin tone and peachy feel to your skin.

ElureIf you prefer a skin care regime to treat the pigmentation, then we have had fabulous feedback from our clients on the ‘Elure Advanced Skin Lightening’ regime. A set of 3 topical lotions (2 day lotions and 1 night cream) which work together by gently breaking down the melanin,causing the areas of dark hyperpigmentation to fade. The results with our clients have been phenomenal and even though Elure does not contain Hydraquinone it is very effective,  safe and gentle enough to use on all skin types.

If hyperpigmentation is something that is bothering you after the summer, why not call MBNS on 01844 213007  or complete the online form here to book in for a skin consultation where you and your advanced aesthetic nurse can create the best individual treatment plan for you? Whether it be the IPL route or the skin care route, here at MBNS we are confident that we will be able  to help give you the results that you desire for healthy, youthful and fresh looking skin.


iS Clinical’s Poly Vitamin Serum to the rescue post summer!

September 20th, 2013

Poly-Vitamin 350dpiAfter the summer, my skin was left feeling very lack lustre and dull with dry patches. I suppose I can best describe my skin as feeling and looking ‘thin’.  I spoke to Marea to find out what she would suggest to add to my skin regime in order to give my skin it’s glow back.

 She suggested adding Poly Vitamin Serum from the iS Clinical range.  Having been a firm believer and user of  iS Clinical for the last three  years,  I was more than happy to give Poly Vitamin Serum a go.  

As a daily morning regime I already use iS Clinical’s  Cleansing Complex,  followed by Youth Complex (as an intense anti-ageing hydrator),  then Youth Eye Complex and finally Eclipse Sun Protection Factor 50.   I added the Poly Vitamin to my regime in the evening after cleansing.

Revitalising, Hydrating and Anti Ageing – Poly Vitamin Serum from iS Clinical

I am so thrilled with the result!  After just seven days of using it, I can notice a massive difference in my skin. It feels thicker, more hydrated, looks much more vibrant and most important, it looks healthier!  So I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who feels that their skin is lifeless and dull, and who wants to replenish their skin after the summer sunshine ready for autumn.

If you would like to find out more the benefits of the iS Clinical range or the treatments we offer here at MBNS, please call us on 01844 213007 to arrange your own personalised consultation or fill out the form HERE and we will get back to you swiftly!


Never cut corners with Cosmetic Procedures!

September 13th, 2013

After recently scanning the health and beauty sections of the newspapers, I came across a couple of articles on women having cosmetic procedures abroad.  The main reason for the surgery outside of the UK had been the cost.  These particular women had gone ahead to a foreign country to have a tummy tuck or breast enhancement  because the price was half of what would be charged in the UK.  In both these cases, however, the women had developed complications and when they had tried to contact the surgeon abroad they were unable to get hold of them.  They ended up having corrective emergency surgery in the UK and paying more money than they would have if they had gone ahead in the UK in the first place!

We know the best advert for us is a happy and natural looking patient!


The MBNS Nurse Team: (from left to right) Paula Shurrock RN, Stephanie Green RN, Lucy O’Neill RN NIP, Rachel Fox RN NIP and Marea Brennan Thorns RN NIP MSc

I find it incredible that people will look for cheap alternatives without researching whom they are putting their trust in!   We here at MBNS are a team of five highly experienced nurse professionals with over 15 years experience in medical aesthetics.  Our treatments include wrinkle relaxing treatments, dermal fillers, IPL for sun damaged skin and Permanent Hair Reduction.  Skin health is our passion and our aim is help our patients look their natural best.  Safety and skill is in the forefront of our treatments with our aftercare second to none.  We know that the best advert for us is a happy and well looked after patient, with natural results and that is what we always strive to deliver.

So if you would like to have a consultation with one of our nurse specialists, why not call us on 01844 213007 or fill out the form here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

At MBNS rest assured that you are in good safe and experienced hands !

Banish that sun damage with IPL and Fire and Ice Facials at MBNS

September 6th, 2013

img-hairRedSeptember has arrived and the children are all on their way back to school.   Hurrah I hear you cry!  So after a couple of months of great sunny weather here in the UK, and the strength of the sun almost on its way out, is it now time to possibly address that  over sun-kissed skin?

Have you noticed a few more freckles have appeared, or your skin is looking like it needs a bit of TLC? Well why not come down to see our team of nurse specialists at MBNS where we can take care of your skin’s needs.

IPL treatment removes freckles and age spots caused by sun exposure

Maybe you need to have some IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)?   This treatment targets the freckles and age spots caused by sun exposure and removes them as well as increasing your body’s own collagen, resulting in a more even and healthier skin tone!  Usually several treatments are needed, but the results are long lasting as long as you always use a good SPF as your daily moisturiser.  We highly recommend the iS Clinical SPF 50 as your daily treatment moisturiser.

iS Clinical’s Fire and Ice Medical Facial

The Fire and Ice Medical Facial is a perfect way to rejuvenate dry skin.

Your skin may benefit also from the  fantastic Fire and Ice Medical Facial.   Perfect for replenishing the moisture to dry skin  plus microscopically peeling  to renew and rejuvenate, it really is the best way to get your skin back on track.  This coupled with the iS Clinical line of products really does fast forward your skin to a whole new level.

It is time for you now – so why not give us a call on 01844 213007  to arrange your consultation with one of our specialist nurses, or fill out the form HERE.  We look forward to helping you make your skin feel its natural best!

Botox treatments should be natural!

September 3rd, 2013

img-surgeryAdviceScanning through the Mail Online today, I came across an article on one of the paper’s most popular topics – Botox treatments.  The gist of the story was that the Hollywood set were falling out of love with the treatment and opting for other wrinkle reducing treatments that were less invasive.  Words that are re-hashed frequently such as  “frozen faces” and “poison stares” really do all add fuel to the fire on how this treatment should NOT look.

We pride ourselves on delivering a natural or “European” look with Botox

It is said there is no such thing as bad publicity, and we believe this rings true with our team here at MBNS.  We continue to treat patients with Botox and various other anti-ageing treatments,  and have done so for over fifteen years now.  We pride ourselves on delivering a natural or “European” look as we like to call it, as opposed to the “American look ” which receives much press, and on more than one occasion , has been referred to the “Deer caught in headlights “look!  A European look means that the person can still have expression, but the wrinkles are softened.

As we have been in this aesthetics business for a long time, we know what works well and our specialist nurses know how to deliver the best results.  We want our patients to leave us knowing that they look their natural best and their friends will say “Have you been away, you look refreshed” NOT “what HAVE you had done”! An expert eye and  a subtle approach is definitely the ethos of MBNS.  We want to help you achieve your skin health goals in a natural and subtle way with not a “frozen face” in sight!

If you are interested in finding out more regarding the treatments and services we offer, please call us now on 01844 213007 or fill out the form HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible.