IPL – the treatment that changed my life!

June 28th, 2013

A visit to MBNS Clinic in Thame, Oxon

A visit to MBNS Clinic in Thame, Oxon

This month’s Essentials magazine is running an article about IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment for the removal of age spots,  red spider veins and permanent hair reduction.   A patient’s perspective is always a valued angle, as explaining right from one’s own experience is invaluable for others who are interested in pursuing such treatments.

IPL is a light energy that is used on two ways and on different settings for facial marks or to destroy body hair.  It is not a traditional laser therapy, but a non-invasive light therapy.

For any IPL treatment, you should be tan free

There are a few guidelines to be met before having such treatment:

You should be tan free – and you will need to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible for four weeks before and after treatment and always wear a good sunscreen of at least factor 30.

It is most effective for these withe fair to medium complexion and darker hair.

If you would like to contact one of our team of specialist nurses regarding a consultation on IPL or any of the many other treatments we offer at MBNS,  please  ring us now on 01844 213007 or fill out the contact form here and we will get back to you ASAP!

Click on the magazine cover  to read in full about one of our patient’s experience of IPL at MBNS:




Patient testimonial regarding eMatrix (sometimes referred to as e2)

June 25th, 2013


Cathy after an eMatrix treatment and the application of Lycogel camouflage make up

There’s nothing like a good honest testimonial from a patient, one that gives all the information in a completely unbiased way is there?

Our nurses here at MBNS have been helping patients like Cathy achieve their skin health goals for many years,  and one of our treatments which is extremely popular is our skin resurfacing treatment.  It is perfect for smoothing out skin irregularities.

In the video, Cathy is retelling her experience with this treatment which is called eMatrix or e2.   It uses radio frequency to penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin so disturbing the collagen and making it reform, and as it does so, it produces new collagen which rises to the surface and results in much smoother, healthier looking skin.   Cathy has had several sessions to help diminish her acne scarring from when she was a teenager.


Lycogel is great for post procedure as it is a breathable camouflage concealer

Over the past few months, her skin has improved greatly (she tells you all about it!), and this candid little video was taken as she had her post procedure Lycogel make up applied.   Lycogel is great for post procedure as it is a breathable camouflage concealer which promotes a quick and comfortable recovery.

But don’t take our word for it – let Cathy tell you!  !  And from us, may we say :  “thanks so much Cathy!”

Botox® becoming less effective?

June 21st, 2013

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

It was discussed  in the Sunday Times Magazine recently  that Nicole Kidman has given up having her Botox® treatments – and the reason is that for her the treatment was becoming less effective.  This could be due to excessive treatments with not the legal amount of time between treatments.

We carefully treat our patients with Botox®, (Botulinum Toxin) a medicine that has to be prescribed by our Nurse Prescribers here at MBNS,  and all our nurses ensure that the guidelines for this treatment are met and strictly adhered to.  A toxin treatment will soften wrinkles in the face giving way to a smoother, more relaxed appearance.

The medicine (toxin) can take from two to fourteen days to take effect to achieve the desired smooth look.

Botox can only be injected every twelve weeks – not eight or ten or eleven!  There should be no such thing as a ‘top up’ between treatments.  After having a Botox® treatment, the medicine can take from two to fourteen days to take effect to achieve the desired smooth look.  At fourteen days we ask that our patients return for a follow up appointment if necessary.  If any of the treated areas need perfecting, then this can be done at this time only.  We here at MBNS do stress that we like to give a ‘natural look’, and not a ‘frozen’ look!  You can have what we call a full toxin treatment and still have movement in your face – this is a much more subtle and natural look.

Having  Botox® more frequently than every twelve weeks can result in the patient becoming  what is known as a ‘non responder’.  This means that the body can develop antibodies preventing the medicine from working.  This would also mean that a patient could not be treated with botulinum toxin for any other medical indication such as Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) or more serious medical conditions.

If you would like to have a consultation with one of our specialist nurses regarding toxin or any other of the treatments we offer at MBNS, please  ring us now on 01844 213007 or fill out the form HERE and we will get back to you swiftly!



Fake Bake’s Faux Glo for your Great Gatsby Summer wedding!

June 20th, 2013

great gatsby brideI understand the Great Gatsby Look for Brides is very much ‘in’ following the launch of the Baz Luhrmann film earlier this Spring.

Looking at the dress and accessories  (left)  brought back memories of my own wedding preparations 19 years ago…long before my days of BOTOX®  and dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse….but still a Great Gatsby Look….

Even though I was a new bride at 39 , like any other bride

marea bride

Marea on her wedding day wanted to look sun-kissed without looking ‘tango’d (very popular in 1994!). She struggled, as in those days we only had the early versions of St Tropez tanning lotions.

I remembered getting into a bit of a tizz before the wedding as my trial fake tan a week earlier went darker on any area of my skin that was patchily pigmented. My skin was not smoothly covered and I had to scrub it off and ended up without a sun-kissed look for my special day.  Since then this experience stopped me using any fake tan on my face, chest and arms.

Imagine my surprise then when my nurse colleague ‘ Adrian Fake- Bake Baker’ used my face as a demo this Saturday when showing our new nurse Rachel Fox why Fake Bake Faux Glo can be recommended  to our clients who are undergoing laser or intense pulsed light hair removal or skin rejuvenation.

You may not know that we cannot apply laser or IPL to your skin if you have a real or fake tan as even a synthetic pigment  increases the risk of burning your skin as the fake pigment attracts the light equally as the target pigment (brown hair, brown spot).

Fake Bake’s Faux Glo has a 360 degree nozzle  giving me a continuous spray that works at any angle (even upside down!)

Anyway Adrian applied Fake Bake Faux Glo to my face and arms and it covered my irregular  skin tones and it was streak free!  It dried quickly on my skin and did not clog my pores.  We then washed it off and performed an IPL treatment on my skin safely and without any adverse effects.  So I bought it and I am happily applying it with confidence on my skin and without too much of a fuss.  It has a 360 degree nozzle  giving me a continuous spray that works at any angle (even upside down!)


The Fake Bake range is available at the MBNS online shop with FREE shipping- click here!

Faux Glo is suitable for all complexions  and exceptionally good for covering irregular skin tones for a natural looking and streak-free tan.  It  is an organic based cosmetic tan with subtle shimmer that can be washed off with soap and water, leaving no colour, making it ideal for one-off special occasions, or can be used as part of a daily beauty regime or during IPL or laser treatments …at £10.99 at the MBNS online shop and in clinic …its an all summer long steal!

Why MBNS and Qutis use ConsultingRoom.com as it is the best ‘go to’ for our industry

June 18th, 2013

Steve Thorns of Qutis Clinics, MBNS sister company  endorses The Consulting Room as the best ‘go to’  there is for  everything regarding the aesthetic industry.  MBNS have been members of the Consulting Room (consultingroom.com) for over ten years, and it has grown along with our business also.

Jan Marini Bioglycolic facial wash and Antioxidant SPF 33 – the perfect combo!

June 14th, 2013

MBNS03I have been using the Jan Marini Bioglycolic facial wash for six months now, twice a day, and the results are simply beautiful. Never have I had such an even, clear complexion with no unwanted acne or surprise ‘break-outs’.

The Bioglycolic is a botanical ingredient derived from sugar cane.  It penetrates deep into the pores forcing out all unwanted dirt and bacteria build up.   I use the wash on my face and décolletage to deeply cleanse my skin and keep it smooth, youthful and healthy.

My daily routine consists of applying the cleanser to my dry face and neck area.  I leave this on for 2-5 minutes, (I usually brush my teeth at this point!).  The skin begins to tingle – this is normal  and I like this feeling… it tells me it’s working ;-).  Then I wash it off with warm water and a clean flannel ensuring all cleanser is removed.   I finish by applying Jan Marini’s Antioxidant Face Protectant – with an SPF 33.  This cream is a light weight moisturiser with a big impact and a lovely scent!

Special offer on Jan Marini products at MBNS right now!

MBNS have a special offer on these two Jan Marini products at the moment.  Why not visit our online shop to order yours today.  Remember we will send next day and shipping is always FREE!

Jan Marini Bio Glycolic Face Wash – Regular Price £31.00 – now £28 














Jan Marini Anti Oxidant Face Protectant  Regular price £50.00…..for the month of June down to £40



Click an image to buy from our online shop, or call to order now on 01844 213007

A “Thank You” from John Howell MP for raising funds for the Cavell Nurses’ Trust

June 11th, 2013

As has been blogged previously, and written about in our local Thame Gazette, we here at MBNS recently raised £125 for the Cavell Nurses’ Trust. The Trust provides vital support to all UK nurses during very difficult times. They offer help to registered nurses, midwives, health care assistants, student nurses and retired nurses who have given a lifetime of caring and compassion.

See our previous blog here.

‘Nursing The Nation’ – by Molly Case

We were prompted and inspired  to raise money for this worthy cause on National Nurses’ Day back in May after we watched a video of a young student nurse called Molly Case who had written a poem regarding the vocation of nursing called “Nursing the Nation”  where she addressed the Royal College Of Nursing.    If you haven’t already, you can see Molly’s moving video below.

So in light of this, how proud were we this morning when a letter arrived from our MP fro Henley, John Howell congratulating us on this achievement.  It has spurred us on even more to in future raise more for the Cavell Nurses’ Trust and help in bringing to the forefront what great work this cause does for nurses.

Letter from John Howell MP

Letter from John Howell MP


To find out more about the treatments and services we provide at MBNS, please click here, and if you would like to see us for a consultation, please ring us on 01844 213007 or click here, and we will get back to you as soon as possbile!


Would Ashley Cole benefit from treatment for his excessive underarm sweating?

June 7th, 2013

Looking a little sweaty under the arms? We can help!

Looking a little sweaty under the arms? We can help!

Excessive underarm sweating – now there’s a subject and a question for Ashley Cole!    Probably not one that Chelsea’s newly returned boss Jose Mourinho would ask him, but we experts in the aesthetic field feel that we could help him out!   Hyperhidrosis  is the medical name for the condition of excessive underarm sweating, and if this photo from the Daily Mail today is anything to go by, the Chelsea footballer looks like he could do with a little help in this department.

Ashley Cole has been always been known not do do things by half, putting his heart and soul into what he does whether is is playing for England or Chelsea on the pitch or dancing the night away in a club!  But we would love to come to his rescue!

Excessive Underarm sweating treatment has been a life saver for many of our patients over the years

Hyperhidrosis is a simple set of toxin injections, sometimes referred to as Botox®,  that provide the relief of excessive sweating for a whole 6 months.  The armpits are numbed using a topical anaesthetic cream and the simple treatment takes just 30 minutes.  This has been a life changer for many of our patients over the fifteen years we have been in business  – giving them the freedom to feel and look dry (and able to wear what they want – even silk!) without having to deal with the unsightly wet patches that perspiration leaves behind.

We are in the business of skin and body health, and it makes perfect sense to us to suggest such a treatment to an individual who  is :

a) always under scrutiny by the world’s press and

b) an active sportsperson

If underarm sweating is a condition that is the bane of your life, why not visit us and meet our team of experienced aesthetic nurses who would love to help you banish this annoyance forever!

Call us now on 01844 213007 to book your consultation and treatment today, or fill out the form here and we will get back to you as soon as we can!  The weather is warming up now, so don’t get caught out with unsightly sweat stains like Ashley!






Glamping the MBNS way – by Marea

June 7th, 2013

Music Festivals are a staple diet of many Brits each Summer

Music Festivals are a staple diet of many Brits each Summer


Summer is here  (finally) and so are the music festivals!   The Rolling Stones are headlining at Glastonbury this weekend, which will bring thousands of , shall we say, more mature folks out to relive their youth!  There will be plenty of reminiscing of the good old swinging 60’s with fab old hippies wearing flowers in their hair, and grooving along to the likes of  (I can’t get no) Satisfation, Brown Sugar and Ruby Tuesday to name a few!

Ageing Rockers still going strong!

Ageing Rockers still going strong!

Have you heard of glamping? It stands for glamorous camping. Usually these baby boomers who can afford to hire a bit of luxury in the form of a mobile home with a flushing toilet and shower will take off to Glastonbury or one of the many other festivals we have around the UK each Summer to experience a weekend of concerts without the mud or portaloo experience that the younger generation seem to crave!

It probably comes as no surprise then, that a few of my lovely clients have been made ‘festival ready’ this week. This includes pre-festival Botox and  Injection Face lifts as well as complexion clearing Fire and Ice medical facials.

This month we are also offering £10 off all suncreen!

This month here at MBNS we are also offering £10 off all suncreen, which is a great to keep your skin protected from the damaging rays of the sun,  as  you will no doubt be in the great outdoors for the most part of the weekend!  Also as an incentive to get you festival ready,  we  can special order for you travel size festival skin care which is just perfect when you want to keep to a minimum the amount of things you take with you!

If you would like to find out more about Botox treatments or the MBNS Injection Face Lift, (or want to pass on our details to any member of the Stones – we’d love to help!) then please give us a ring today on 01844 213007 or fill out the form here and we will get back to you ASAP.  We’re festival ready – I’ve got my wellies, the glampervan and  sunscreen ready to go – now you can be too!

Acne? – a perfect solution is Sublative Rejuvenation and good skincare

June 7th, 2013

iS Clinical 058

iS Clinical products available in clinic or online at MBNS

Hormonal changes in your forties can  trigger outbreaks of adult acne. Whether you are trying to treat outbreaks or reduce past scarring, Sublative Rejuvenation can help. Sometimes called E2 or ematrix, it uses fractionated bipolar radio-frequency technology that places heat energy into the dermis and is great for smoothing and improving the look of acne scarring. The system’s heat even treats current blemishes. Plus, the system also tightens skin and smoothes out wrinkles for a powerful anti-ageing and acne-fighting dual power.

E2, ematrix, sublative rejuvenation – 3 ways to say great skin!

We here at MBNS are strong advocates of Sublative Rejuvenation treatments (which we refer to as eMatrix or E2). We recommend that patients have at least 3 treatments and also invest in the iS Clinical Skincare range.  This simple system of cleansing, treating and protecting the skin really fast forwards the skin to a whole new dimension and helps reduce acne scarring and acne.

Acne concerns?  Our nurses will be able to offer you their expertise regarding your skincare

So if you have been a sufferer of  acne or acne scarring, or are finding as the years go on, you have a few more wrinkles than you used to have, then why not call our advanced nurse specialists and they will be able to offer their years of experience to the best advancement of your skin.  Call us now on 01844 213007 for a consultation, or send us an email here.

Here is a video we filmed on this fantastic eMatrix treatment.