Post holiday skin rescue

September 28th, 2012

Help, I need my skin to be rescued from the sun!

Help – I need a post holiday skin rescue!  I have recently spent two glorious weeks in Mexico.  The sun, sea and sand was absolutely beautiful, however I am now back to reality and taking a closer look at my skin.  I am of course a religious user of all iS Clinical products and have been so for over four years.  My daily regime has always been Cleansing Complex, Super Serum and SPF for daytime, and Cleanser and Active Serum at night with a bit of Youth Eye Complex to finish off.  I was extremely careful about putting my face in the sun and had Obagi Factor 50 on my face and decolletage daily plus a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.  However, the sun still kissed me a bit too much!!  All that swimming in the pool and sea, you can’t help but catch it.

This brings me now to my Autumn list of to do’s for my skin.  Once my tan has faded I will have a good IPL skin rejuvenation treatment.  This will remove the sun spots that have undoubtedly appeared on my skin due to the sun’s rays and will bring my skin back to a more peachy appearance.

Secondly I will have an eMatrix treatment, which is skin resurfacing at its best.    This will be my fourth treatment and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  The treatment consists of radio waves penetrating the skin to disturb the collagen underneath forcing it to rebuild and produce more.  I’m sure you are aware that as we age,  our collegen depletes thus producing sagging skin in the form of lines and wrinkles.  The eMatrix treatment blasts into the dermis and works for 60 days under the skin helping you to produce more collagen and so makes the skin look fuller, fresher and simply more youthful!

And thirdly I will be due for my next Botox treatment.  I like a softer, European approach to my treatment with a few injections around my crows feet!

So that’s my Autumn plan – getting me ready for Winter where the party season will start with a vengeance!

Should surgeons only be able to inject dermal fillers?

September 26th, 2012

Recently British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have passed comment that only surgeons should be able to inject dermal fillers.

Marea Brennan Thorns MBNS and Qutis’ independent advanced nurse practitioner vehemently disagrees with this ‘opinion’ and goes on to say why…

Marea is the Independant Advanced Nurse Practitioner at MBNS and Qutis Clinics.

“British nurses have been employed by dermal filler companies to train surgeons as well as nurses since the inception of cosmetic injectables in the early 1990s.

Surgeons as well as nurses do not train on cosmetic injectables during their medical degree qualification.

It is only after qualifying that nurses as well as doctors may choose to specialise to study cosmetic medicine or surgery and go on to study advanced anatomy & physiology.

Nurses have a long and safe history of caring and treating patients for facial ageing.   Many nurses who have practiced in their own nurse led clinics have BSc, MSc & Advanced Nursing Qualifications in prescribing medicines as well as continuos professional development, including facial dissection in cadaver specimens under direct tuition.

There are nurses who are specialist clinical practitioners & work safely & skilfully. Feedback from patients shows great support for specialist nurse practitioners and their medical aesthetics services.