Love affair with iS clinical’s Moisturising Complex


iS Clinical's moisturising complex from have been using IS Clinical skin care for 2 years now and it never fails to impress me. I originally began using the skin care as my skin was lacking radiance, and was suffering from to occasional acne break-out – this was unacceptable in my late 20’s!   I started using Cleansing Complex morning and evening and noticed a dramatic difference straight away; the boost my skin had from just a simple clean twice a day was amazing. I also went on to use Pro-Heal Serum followed by the treatment sunscreen as my daytime regime and Poly-vitamin Serum as my evening regime – again my skin has never been happier or more radiant!  Unfortunately, my perfect skin was flawed from my favourite pastime, cycling. From pollen and wind, and despite wearing protective glasses my eyes became very dry and itchy .It seemed to look and feel like exzema.     I tried everything from E45 cream to steroid drops that were prescribed to me from my GP. I finally went back to my faithful IS Clinical range and tried ‘Moisturizing Complex‘. This is a hydrating, soothing, protecting cream that cured my irritated skin in hours! I’ve noticed that continued use of the complex has made my skin supple, smooth, plump – I’m in love!

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