For Acne: Get great looking, healthy skin at MBNS/Qutis Advanced Skin Clinics

June 29th, 2012

Since puberty I have had frequent outbreaks of acne-pimples around my mouth and hair line, sometimes spreading to my neck cheeks and back. Even at school I had been teased about having a spotty skin. This dented both my confidence and my self esteem.

It was my mum who first suggested I see the nurses at MBNS/Qutis advanced skin clinics. Mum is regularly cared for there as she has Rosacea and red veins on her face. My mum lives in Thame but works near both Witney and Abingdon. Her nurse and laser therapist works in all three of these clinic locations and being able to visit any of the three clinics and have the same standard and continuity of treatment-care has inspired my Mum with so much more confidence.She told me that the high calibre nurses there are able to prescribe acne medication and even use laser or light treatments for those of us who suffer with spots.

Before acne treatment at MBNS/Qutis Clinics in OxfordshireAfter acne treatment at MBNS/Qutis Clinics in OxfordshireI had my first consultation with one of their nurse prescribers Marea Brennan Thorns and I was prescribed a skin care regime which I was able to start at home. Four weeks later, I then went with Mum to Qutis Witney where my treatment continued with Gayle McAloon for intense pulsed light therapy to help get rid of the post-inflammatory scarring that the acne had left behind.  A month later I was followed up at Qutis Abingdon by nurse prescriber Adrian Baker. All my treatment plan & records had been shared across all three clinics and it has been really convenient for me as I am a sales representative for a medical company, and I travel extensively through Oxfordshire and surrounds.

I still use the iS clinical skin health range from the MBNS/Qutis advanced skin clinic range. I have the odd Intense Pulsed Light Facial and best of all…My skin looks and feels great, I even get complements on it now!   But more than anything my self esteem has improved so much that I recently successfully applied for promotion to training manager within my company,meaning that I will be meeting and facing even more people.  Thank you MBNS, thank you Qutis, I would recommend you without any hesitation.


Don’t burn to a crisp this Summer!

June 18th, 2012

Whilst watching this week’s Countryfile on BBC, I noticed that the presenter, Ellie Harrison, had badly sunburnt arms.  On the same TV programme, Adam Hensen was shown applying sunscreen to his pigs, Ellie’s red and burned arms provided a stark contrast!!   Ellie we urge you to look after your skin  and remember the responsibility you have as a TV role model, especially to young viewers.

Sun Facts:  More than two people under age 35 in Britain are diagnosed per day with malignant melanoma – the most deadliest form of skin cancer.   Cancer Research UK recently revealed there has been a tripling of melanoma rates among 15-35 year olds since the late 1970’s. That’s why we nurses at MBNS/Qutis  ‘nag’ our patients on each treatment visit to protect their skin from sunburn.

Don't burn to a crisp this Summer - use iS Clinical SPFTwin Value Sun Care:  Maybe some of our patients feel that £35 for a sunscreen is quite a lot to pay. However when you look at the iS Clinical Treatment SPF 25, not only is it a broad spectrum suncreen, it also reduces redness and is an anti-inflammatory treatment cream. A multi tasking & elegant product & good value when you realise one product does the job of three!

So if you feel nagged, forgive us and remember that as nurses we are tasked to give you health messages and provide you with solutions!

Marea Brennan Thorns is our Advanced Nurse Specialist and asks that all our patients receiving Laser/IPL treatments be extra vigilant and remember to apply an SPF of 25 regularly. Also check that it is in date!

Love affair with iS clinical’s Moisturising Complex

June 14th, 2012


iS Clinical's moisturising complex from have been using IS Clinical skin care for 2 years now and it never fails to impress me. I originally began using the skin care as my skin was lacking radiance, and was suffering from to occasional acne break-out – this was unacceptable in my late 20’s!   I started using Cleansing Complex morning and evening and noticed a dramatic difference straight away; the boost my skin had from just a simple clean twice a day was amazing. I also went on to use Pro-Heal Serum followed by the treatment sunscreen as my daytime regime and Poly-vitamin Serum as my evening regime – again my skin has never been happier or more radiant!  Unfortunately, my perfect skin was flawed from my favourite pastime, cycling. From pollen and wind, and despite wearing protective glasses my eyes became very dry and itchy .It seemed to look and feel like exzema.     I tried everything from E45 cream to steroid drops that were prescribed to me from my GP. I finally went back to my faithful IS Clinical range and tried ‘Moisturizing Complex‘. This is a hydrating, soothing, protecting cream that cured my irritated skin in hours! I’ve noticed that continued use of the complex has made my skin supple, smooth, plump – I’m in love!

I’m going to stick my neck out and say…”Ematrix… WOW” !!!

June 11th, 2012

After more than a decade of nursing in skin health, I am blown away with the technology of radio frequency on my own ageing skin, but After one treatment of eMatrix which is also known as sublative rejuvenation, I can see a huge rejuvenation to the skin laxity on my neck, see for yourself:

Paula Before eMatrix treatmentPaula after one eMatrix treatmentI thought only surgery would lift this sagging neck, so obviously i’m delighted, so bring on the second eMatrix treatment.  A rejuvenating plan would be three visits at six weekly intervals costing £250 each visit. It’s that easy !