Raising eyebrows!

April 13th, 2012

It seems that over the past few years, my eyebrows had begun to disappear – they had become thinner and seemed to just fade away – oh the joys of menopause!   I knew that eyebrows correctly placed could give the impression of a mini facelift or brow lift.  So, I began to find out more about eyebrow tatooing and went to visit Fay Verney, who is an extremely skilled Semi Permanent make up artist to see what she could do for me.    My hair colour is pretty fair, (see picture on left) so I wanted my brows to match this and still have a nice shape, but not be too dark.  Fay told me that she could give my eyebrows a more defined look, while at the same time making them look completely natural.

My brows were numbed with an anaesthetic  cream and so the procedure was quite painfree.  Fay initally drew in the area in black pen which was amusing to say the least, but the shape was perfect.  Next she very gently made many tiny brush strokes on my brows with the tattooing pen.  These strokes perfectly mimicked actual hairs.

The procedure took about an hour and a half and the results are below.  I am thrilled with my new brows, they look amazing!  Thanks to Fay!  


Report from the 10th Aesthetic Medicine World Conference in Monaco

April 5th, 2012


A visit to the Aesthetic Medicine Awards

Stephanie & I attended the 10th Aesthetic Medicine World Conference in Monaco last weekend.

It was busy & very well attended. We were pleased to see that Syneron with their eMax & eTwo had a high profile, as we have invested in both of these lasers.

Radiesse® Volumising Filler of choice at MBNS

We attended lectures on Radiesse®  and it seems it is the favoured filler for hand rejuvenation and it is one if our fillers of choice.

We noticed a proliferation of new Chinese, Korean & Japanese  toxins & fillers but none of them seemed to have very much published evidence.

Highlight of the exhibition was meeting up with my old friend Liz Hughes who is now the European Director for Zeltiq Cool Sculpting . We will be doing a feasibility study on adding this therapy to our treatment portfolio.

Our thanks to Allergan manufacturers of Juvederm®  & Merz  manufacturers of Radiesse® who sponsored our professional development.

Hair today, gone tomorrow with IPL Hair Removal!

April 4th, 2012


Since I joined MBNS, 2 years ago, I have been having all my unwanted hair treated with IPL Hair removal and I am so happy with the results.

I began with my unwanted facial hair and underarms, and  once I had finished my course for both areas, I moved on to my legs and bikini area. I used to require a waxing every 4 weeks, which was fine, however it often left me with nasty ingrown hairs and raw pink skin!  However,  the worst inconvenience was I needed to grow my hair before my treatment!   I can now shave my legs between my treatments, as my hair follicles are ‘killed’ each treatment and it’s only the new hairs that I have to shave – which means my maintenance is minimal!   Why don’t you give permanent hair removal a try?