Making your aesthetic clinic more male friendly!


Here come the males!

According to the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), there has been a dramatic increase in males have cosmetic procedures.  This is largely due to an influx of male targeted advertising and male centered media attention.  Even with the recession, the rise in procedures was noted.  An increase of 17% to 3,624 treated over previous year, (3,004). Men are going for smaller procedures more frequently and clinics now should  now open their arms to this growing market  and make them feel more welcome!

Since the early 90’s when the Aesthetic industry took off, clients being treated were on the whole, female.  They walked into a soothing female focused environment where they could be among kindred spirits:  united and safe within the walls of a discreet, confidential and caring clinic.

These principles, of course, still hold true, however now the mental shift  has to be made to make the male clients feel as welcome, and not make them feel as if they have stepped onto the movie set Grease with Frankie Avalon singing “Beauty School Drop Out”.

Clinics need of course to be warm and welcoming, with the invitation to enjoy a frothy latte or cup of tea whilst waiting for your Nurse Practitioner.  The décor should be neutral and fresh with literature in the waiting catering to this growing market.  

When we surveyed our male clients at our MBNS clinic in Thame, Oxfordshire, the majority said that at first impression, they felt a little embarrassed when they walked through our door.  Some likened it to  walking into a sorority meeting, and felt that they ought to retreat..  But they stood their ground!    They had made the giant leap to decide to come and have treatment in the first place.  They’d even started using good skin care products and an SPF!, but on arrival, they  still felt  like the  new kid on the block!

We have recently refurbished our clinic to meet the demands of both our female and male clients.  We are sensitive to  the outward appearance and indeed want to make that ultimate first impression be a positive one to ALL we treat.

So here are a few ‘quick fire’ tips to make your clinic more balanced.  The confidentiality and warmth still of course is paramount and still emanates, but the following should be taken into consideration:

1   Neutal Colours on the wall and furnishings

2.  A great choice of beverages made from a good barista coffee maker!

3.  A variety of good Male Magazines of the GQ variety along with a possibly Psychology Today and Vogue or Marie Claire– please no Weekly glossies!

4.  Point of Sale focusing male treatments

This male market is a growing one and as our treatments and clientele evolve, we clinicians need to move with the times and get ready because here they come!

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