Raise your hands for Hyperhidrosis Treatment!

January 30th, 2012


Woman requring Hyperhidrosis treatment

Woman requring Hyperhidrosis treatment

After having treatment at MBNS last summer for excessive under arm sweating, officially called hyperhidrosis, I had totally forgotten how upsetting having sweat patches on my clothes can be.   Last week, after seven months of sweat free pits, the stains under my arms and fon my shirts had returned and my tshirts were really wet. I suddenly found myself restricting my arm movements just so no one would notice. It made me feel really anxious!

Within 24 hrs the sweating to my underarms reduced dramatically

I made an appointment straight away with the nurses at MBNS and after a few simple injections of Botox to my underarms I was treated. Within 24 hrs the sweating to my underarms reduced dramatically and now I don’t have any, so I am free to move as I like and wear whatever I like.

I love this treatment. It has been literally life changing!  This treatment will leave me sweat free for over six months.  Freedom from sweating is here!!!

Permanent hair removal at MBNS

January 27th, 2012


Permanent hair removal at MBNS

Wow am I pleased I have had my permanent hair removal!  Happy New Year Everyone!  Ok, so it is only January, but as I watch the adverts on the telly showing warm and sunny summer holidays, my mind has gone into preparation mode!  I’ve just booked a trip to the Mediterranean this summer, so in readiness, I have ensured that all my permanent hair removal appointments are booked in.

Permanent hair removal is available at MBNS six days a week!

Since MBNS has been open on Saturdays I have been able to fit in my treatments effortlessly.  It does require an hour of my Saturday – however it is only every 12 weeks and the results as so worth it. The best part is the payment! As MBNS offers 0% interest payment plans I have been able to finance my entire treatment course – that means I have a small monthly payment I hardly notice and treatment right away! Brilliant!

I’m already smiling as the reality of being hair free all through the summer  – how prepared am I? !!

See you soon! Angela x





A New Year is something to smile about :-)

January 23rd, 2012

News about Operation Smile.  A New Year always fills me with excitement and anticipation of what there is to come in both in my work and personal life. At MBNS we are always looking at new developments and treatments that really work, and last year bought us new technologies with skin resurfacing and skin tightening using radiofrequency, that are giving amazing results. I can’t wait to tell you about this year’s new treatments.

In February, Marea, Paula and me, Stephanie, are doing a paediatric resuscititation course to fulfill one of the requirements for us to go to a developing country to help with Operation Smile. This is a charity that is dear to our hearts and involves a volunteer medical team operating on children that suffer with hare lips. By closing them over, the children have a more acceptable appearance for them to fit in with their community.  Operation Smile is such a great name as the children really do have the most amazing smiles on their faces after their operations.

I’ll let you all know how we get on!’

EMatrix – revitilising the skin with new energy!

January 16th, 2012


MBNS have been offering this brand new treatment called eMatrix  since March of this year and we have had amazing treatment results. The rapid speed at which the face turns over a brand new, baby like skin, has amazed us! eMatrix has truly outshone any chemical peel we have tried in the past plus it goes much deeper into the skin.  e Matrix works by delivering radio frequency energy into the skin.  That means is blasts apart the collagen underneath the skin, caiusing it to repair and heal which in turn promotes new collagen growth thus smoothing out irregularities on the skin – perfect for acne scarring and stretch marks!

In fact, I have been so impressed with the results that I decided to have my scars and stretch marks treated. A few quick zaps with the eMatrix tip, which is the size of a two pence coin, and I was done. The treatment was relatively painless and the results are absolutely worth every penny. My scars have transformed from a deep purple to white in a few weeks. The after care from my treatment was so simple that I hardly had to alter my daily routine; a few drops of iS Clinical’s  Pro-Heal serum followed with some Hydra-Cool serum was all I needed to heal and hydrate the treated skin. I also found using both products as my nurse recommended, rapidly aided in my skins speedy recovery process.

Getting ready to Face the New Year head on!

January 11th, 2012


Ok, so Christmas has been and gone.  The decorations are down and the house is back to normal..phew!  I think now i am in need of some ‘TLC’.   I looked into the mirror the other day and said to my reflection “Right, it is now time to get back on track with our skin!.”   The holidays have taken their toll.  The frequent drinks parties and rich food that Christmas brings tends to dehydrate my skin making lines and wrinkles become more evident.

Now, I’m no novice to skin health.   I have looked after my skin and been diligent in using sun protection but I  still find  broken capillaries and open pores across my nose and cheeks which I want to reduce, plus I need to get that plumpness back into my skin to make it look and feel healthier and hydrated.   Luckily for me MBNS has just the cure –  firstly, Photo Rejuvenation or IPL as it is sometimes called.   This laser treatment only takes 30 minutes and the result after a few sessions is pigment free and clear skin. IPL is a treatment I can’t recommend enough as the results are so amazing.  Secondly I am treating myself to a Vital treatment.  This is a fantastic hydrator which penetrates below the skin to revive and boost it – perfect for sorting out the lack of moisture in my face.

I’m now ready to face the New Year head on!