Having confidence to face the future with eMatrix

As a 22 year old young women looking your best, feeling great and socialising plays a massive part in your life.

However for me,  with my turbulent skin and acne scarring from my teenage years, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, so when it came to going out in the evenings,  i would feel the need to cake my face in foundation and more often than not, far too much bronzer to try and hide my biggest insecurity!

eMatrix treatments have made such a difference to my skin!

When my sister announced she was getting married and I was to be head bridesmaid,  it dawned on me that my make-up would have to be minimal and that my bad skin would be on display in all their beautiful wedding photos.

Before first eMatrix treatment

Before first eMatrix treatment

When I went in for my first treatment I was rather nervous, however the staff were very comforting and explained the whole procedure to me.   I was given numbing cream that coverd my face and down onto my neck to make the experience as comfortable as possible.   I was pleasantly suprised at how quick the treatment was and relatively pain free.

It was only a few days after my first treatment that i noticed the effects – my skin felt plumped, my pores seemed smaller and my scars were hardly showing!   i was extremely happy to say the least!

I only had one concern:   As the cost of the eMatrix was £500 a  treatment, and I was also having to save for my sister’s wedding,  I wasn’t sure if I could afford the next two to complete my course. Thankfully after talking to my nurse, i was told that they had an interest free payment plan.  Fantastic i thought!  At £125 a month for 12 months it meant I could complete my treatment and the results were out of this world!

At sister's Wedding!

Before I had the eMatrix treatment I would have spent about £150 pounds a month on make-up, shoes and any other little bits to cheer me up before a night out, now I could put this money towards changing my skin for good!

I can now go out feeling and looking great and even saving myself a little each month.   It has hugely boosted my self confidence.  Words cannot express how greatful I am to the team at MBNS clinic in Thame.

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