Having confidence to face the future with eMatrix

November 30th, 2011

As a 22 year old young women looking your best, feeling great and socialising plays a massive part in your life.

However for me,  with my turbulent skin and acne scarring from my teenage years, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, so when it came to going out in the evenings,  i would feel the need to cake my face in foundation and more often than not, far too much bronzer to try and hide my biggest insecurity!

eMatrix treatments have made such a difference to my skin!

When my sister announced she was getting married and I was to be head bridesmaid,  it dawned on me that my make-up would have to be minimal and that my bad skin would be on display in all their beautiful wedding photos.

Before first eMatrix treatment

Before first eMatrix treatment

When I went in for my first treatment I was rather nervous, however the staff were very comforting and explained the whole procedure to me.   I was given numbing cream that coverd my face and down onto my neck to make the experience as comfortable as possible.   I was pleasantly suprised at how quick the treatment was and relatively pain free.

It was only a few days after my first treatment that i noticed the effects – my skin felt plumped, my pores seemed smaller and my scars were hardly showing!   i was extremely happy to say the least!

I only had one concern:   As the cost of the eMatrix was £500 a  treatment, and I was also having to save for my sister’s wedding,  I wasn’t sure if I could afford the next two to complete my course. Thankfully after talking to my nurse, i was told that they had an interest free payment plan.  Fantastic i thought!  At £125 a month for 12 months it meant I could complete my treatment and the results were out of this world!

At sister's Wedding!

Before I had the eMatrix treatment I would have spent about £150 pounds a month on make-up, shoes and any other little bits to cheer me up before a night out, now I could put this money towards changing my skin for good!

I can now go out feeling and looking great and even saving myself a little each month.   It has hugely boosted my self confidence.  Words cannot express how greatful I am to the team at MBNS clinic in Thame.

It is Christmas Time at MBNS….

November 29th, 2011


The welcome at MBNS, the specialist medico beauty salon in Thame’s North Street, could not be warmer. Both the outside of the clinic and its interior are elegantly draped in Christmas decorations. I’ve arrived on an invitation to experience for myself MBNS’s open door policy. Anyone can drop in for just a chat and a cup of coffee. “Some people feel a little shy about coming to a medico beauty clinic,” says nurse Marea Brennan Thorns. “But our approach has always been to create a thoroughly relaxed atmosphere. There is absolutely no pressure on anyone who just wants to have a look around the place and to hear about our work and to see if we can help them.

On this particular morning, the friendliness of the clinic is enhanced still further by the alluring scent of freshly baked mince pies which have come straight from Lotte Duncan’s Kitchen. (MBNSalong with local and TV chef,  Lotte Duncan are joining forces to bring the Christmas spirit to Thame).   I sink back down into one of the sofas and, over a free steaming ginger bread latté, listen as Marea explains how the many non-invasive procedures which are carried out at MBNS can help transform our looks, from tackling wrinkles to simply rejuvenating our skin. Treatments that are comfortable and long-lasting.

“Now is really a great time to consider a skin treatment, in the run-up to Christmas and the New Year when there are parties and events to attend” says Marea. Winter weather and the drying effects of central heating can have a really adverse impact on the condition of our skin. But the treatments we have here at MBNS can be truly transformative, restoring the skin’s softness, suppleness and firmness. What’s more the transformation can be remarkable and, in many cases, is visible and noticeable almost at once. As well as spoiling yourself you can also treat a partner or friend by way of an early Christmas present.”

On the subject of imaginative Christmas presents, I spot a whole range of beauty and cosmetic products elegantly arranged in gift packs. “You won’t find many of these really advanced products in High Street shops,” says Marea, “only here at MBNS.  Take the iS Clinical range of skincare products. They are fabulous but are exclusive to clinics like ourselves. We also offer makeup demonstrations so that visitors can take advantage of the expertise of our skincare team.”

As part of the MBNS open door approach, the staff are currently running demonstrations of a new radio frequency facelift treatment, which is a skin tightening and skin rejuvenation combination called eMAX. “It’s a completely non-invasive procedure,” explains Marea. “It’s also warm and comfortable and works at firming up your facial skin and smoothing your appearance.” As part of a seasonal offer, anyone who books an eMAX combination treatment will get a free goodie bag of iS Clinical products.

As I depart, a woman I know by sight is buying some gift vouchers for friends this Christmas. I discover that she just happened to call into MBNS one day and was so impressed by the welcoming friendliness and fantastic advice that she booked a few skincare sessions. She looks five years younger than when I last saw her in the street.

It’s Fire and Ice Facial Time!

November 16th, 2011

I have recently had a series of   iS CLINICAL® Fire and ice medical facials.  I have pretty good skin, however I wanted to give myself a bit of a pre Christmas boost as i know there are some late nights on the way!   Those who know me know that I always think ahead, so I want to be ready for the Christmas parties that will be here before I blink!

This peel which is known in Hollywood as the “Red Carpet Facial” (I like that idea! ) has an 18% glycolic acid/retinol/niacinamide mask (the fire part) which is a powerful chemical peel before a hydrating mask (the ice part) is applied.  It leaves  my skin obviously smoother and hydrated afterwards.

Of course i use the full iS CLINICAL® range to keep my skin healthy and clear.    iS CLINICAL®pay more attention to product development and science, than they do to fancy marketing and pretty packaging.   Quite simply these active, medical strength products work better than anything you could buy on the high street, and believe me, I have tried the lot!  My favourite two products are the Super Serum which is packed full of antioxidants and the Active Serum which really is ‘active’ – you really do feel it working on the skin immediately!

MBNS are offering a special deal on the peel up until Christmas.  if you buy any 30ml Serum in the range, you can book in for a Fire and Ice Facial at 50% off – that’s £50 instead of £100.  So what are you waiting for?  Get a glow on for Christmas !!

I’m ready for my close up Mr DeMille (and Merz)!

November 15th, 2011


I just recently I took part in the Merz Aesthetics professional training for their sales team at The Arden Hotel in Stratford upon Avon.  I was professionally filmed being ‘me’ in a make believe sales call with the Merz aesthetic sales specialists. It was great fun & a real change. My experience was made even more special by working with the lovely Daniel from Key Audio Visual. “Wow the skin around your eyes looks really lovely” he said peering at me through a professional camera lens. (That was 4 days into my pre Christmas eMatrix treatment), “well I work in the right business” I winked… Hang on a minute, isn’t winking bad for your wrinkles?

No Sweat Man!

November 8th, 2011


Jack taking air!I am a 19 year old extreme skater who for years has been embarrassed by my sweat patches on my T-shirts.

Skating, (boots or board) is my exercise , my relaxation and also my social life.   I found it upsetting that my T-shirts  would soon be totally wet after a skating session.    I’d be armed with a clean T-shirt  and deodorant in my bag to deal with the problem before others spotted it.  It was a horrid feeling.

Why am I telling you this?… because that’s  history now!  Two weeks ago I had a medical treatment at a local cosmetic skin health clinic called MBNS.   I saw the nurse prescriber who explained the treatment fully.  I then had an appointment with my nurse practitioner to receive some very quick injections to my armpits.  It was a bit uncomfortable for a moment,  but in less than half an hour it was complete.

Later that evening I went for a skate even though I was advised that it would be a few days before I noticed a reduction in sweating; and this time I didn't have to change my T-shirt!   I'm over the half pipe!  So now I’m off to buy my new Volcan T-shirts!