Getting the timing right for Aesthetic Treatments

August 16th, 2011

Getting the timing right for Aesthetic Treatments:  Anne’s account of preparing for a special event.

We here at MBNS were all excited about attending the wedding of our beautiful young work colleague Kit who was getting married on 23rd July.    The day was going to be lovely and we were all looking forward to being able to share this together.   That meant that we all had our own agendas on how to each look our best for the big day too!    I pride myself on being organised at work, so this venture needed just as much planning!   I had a think about what treatments I would like to have that  would need time to perfect over the course of a few weeks before the big event… with the clock ticking and in my usual style, I started making my ‘to do’ list.

Firstly, for me, I wanted to make sure that my skin was in tip top condition.  I religiously use my IS Clinical skin care  products every day and night.  it is as routine to me as brushing my teeth!  I use the  Cleansing Complex, followed by Super Serum which is a powerful antioxident that drinks into the skin and protects it from harmful sun rays and free radicals  and of course my guard against the sun – my SPF for day time and Active Serum for night. This simple regime is quick and effective and I would be lost without it!  I stocked up on my SPF and I was set.

Of course, as I am in my 40’s,  I enjoy a helping hand from a few other of our fantastic treatments we have here at MBNS.  Six weeks before I had Radiessefiller in my hands.  This treatment lifts and fills the skin on the back of the hands and allows them to look more youthful and hydrated  Hands are a tell tale sign of ageing, so to be able to treat this area is a must for me! 

Four weeks before I had anEmatrixtreatment.  Radio waves resurface the skin and ignite the collagen to reproduce rapidly under your skin leaving it looking plumper, healthier and quite frankly more youthful!   Having this a few weeks before gave my skin time to adjust, rejuvenate and glow!  (See my video here of my 2nd  EMatrix Treatment) 

Finally,  two weeks before  was time for my regular toxin treatment.  This great wrinkle relaxing treatment takes between two and 14 days to take full effect, so that was the final tick on my list of treatment to do’s!

So as you can see, if you want to look your best for a big event, (even if you are not the bride!)  it pays to be organised….it really is all in the timing and in my case I got myself to the church in well prepared time!

Lucy’s Big Frown Free Day!

August 11th, 2011

My wedding was coming up and I wanted to be frown free!  Planning my wedding was a very exciting time for me, I knew that we had made the right decision for us when we decided to get married abroad and couldn’t wait for the pictures, a healthy glow, and the bright sunshine in the background. Every bride wants to look and feel like a princess on their special day, and I was no different, everything just had to be perfect! However, there was one big concern for me – frowning! Photos are being taken of you all day, from every angle, and capture every expression, with the sun beaming into your eyes, it was going to be difficult not to squint and frown!

Lucy's Big DayAlthough I am only 24, and didn’t necessarily need it to reduce any existing frown lines, I knew that I wanted to prevent the frown and ensure that my wedding pictures were wrinkle free. I met with Marea Brennan Thorns, the Nurse Presciber at the clinic who explained to me what Botulinum Toxin is, how she was going to use it, and what results I should expect.

The treatment was quick and painless and the results were brilliant. I went on to have my dream wedding and look back on my pictures everyday.  I’m  absolutely over the moon with the results.  Thank you MBNS!

Lucy Syrett

Aesthetic Practitioner Training

August 4th, 2011

Our Aesthetic Practitioner  training is for a limited number of delegates. It will be based in MBNS clinic in Thame, click here to find us. The training is preceptorship style and is hands-on with a practical emphasis. Marea & the team have been treating and training since 1998.