Training at London FACE Seminar

June 27th, 2011

Training at London FACE Seminar

Our professional conference and exhibition was very busy this year. As always a good chance to network with old friends, colleagues and our suppliers. Our new nurse colleague Adrian Baker has had a great start to his job at MBNS by being there, he was thrown well and truly in at the deep end, attending many lectures on skin rejuvenation, plastic surgery as well as cosmetic injections.

The eMatrix was very well represented as a new treatment of choice in quite a few presentations, this in itself gives us confidence that we made the right choice back in February. Our patients are reporting very good results too.

I was privileged to be a workshop presenter for Q-Med’s Restylane and Perlane for facial volumisation. Together with many of the other presenters, we concluded that products that are supported by good evidence such as these, are the safest to use on our patients and clients.

The Association for Nurse Prescribing also had a stand in the exhibition and amidst all the “busyness”, I was able to help out here too, and we managed to gain many more nurse memberships from the ranks of the aesthetic nurses.

Marea Brennan Thorns.

Who to choose and who to trust when seeking cosmetic treatments?

June 27th, 2011

Many new clients seeking out cosmetic treatments for the first time are wondering who to choose and who to trust, this week MBT reflects…

Choosing your own practitioner means: Choosing chains or mobiles means:

Practitioner Led Clinic Clinic Chain or Mobile Practitioner
Your nurse specialist will consult with you, carry out your treatment and follow you up May hand your appointment to whoever it sees fit
Your nurse specialist will see you during your consultation and also performs your treatment. May replace your nurse practitioner at any stage.
Your same nurse specialist will be responsible for your aftercare May use cheaper filler products with shorter duration in the skin.
He or she will have their professional reputation to protect locally, as he or she practices in the same location and is not moving from centre to centre. Will pay the practitioner a fraction of the usual fee, so he or she will have to work much faster to earn the same.
In times of holiday absence or similar, your practitioner will normally hand over your care to a trusted colleague who works in the same way. May leave you with little recourse if things go wrong.
You’ll have a consistent contact if things go wrong.  


Have you tried our Pearl White Toothpaste?

June 22nd, 2011

I recently got my teeth cosmetically brightened.  My husband was so impressed he asked me to book him an appointment, anyway since he’s not available until about four weeks next Tuesday (men!), I thought I’d introduce him to a newly available product from MBNS called Pearl White Toothpaste to use in the meantime.
It contains micro-crystals of a special whitening formula that burst and whiten whilst you brush. So my husband has replaced his normal toothpaste, using the Pearl White and already he is noticing a brighter smile and thats before he gets them cosmetically whitened! Long lasting minty taste too!



Kind regards,


EMatrix Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

June 15th, 2011

In my never ending attempt to prepare my winter skin for summer, I decided to have the backs of my arms treated with our E Matrix Skin Resurfacing treatment. The treatment itself was fairly painless as my skin was prepared with ‘numbing cream’, the discomfort I felt was briefly after the treatment as the heat built in my skin. I immediately applied Lycogel, our anti inflammatory camouflage make-up, which calmed and soothed my treated skin.

After 2 weeks of a strict skin care regime using only our IS Clinical product range for the treated area my arms began to look fresh and feel soft again!

EMatrix’s Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatment is typically for the face, neck and décolletage area as it smoothes line and wrinkles and dramatically reduces the appearance of any skin irregularities. However I found having my arms treated was a brilliantly effective way of getting the results I wanted fast.

For more information on EMatrix Skin Resurfacing please see our video on

Ematrix Treatment

For more information on Lycogel or IS Clinical please visit our website

Jan Marini Bio Glycolic Wash – Customer Experience

June 6th, 2011

I have been using this Jan Marini Bio Glycolic wash for 6 months now, twice a day, and the results are beautiful. Never have I had such an even, clear complexion – no unwanted acne or surprise ‘break-outs’. The Bio Glycolic is a botanical ingredient derived from sugar cane, it penetrates deep into the pores forcing out all unwanted dirt and bacteria build up. I use the wash on my face and décolletage to deeply clean my skin and keep it smooth, youthful and healthy.

Apply the wash dry to the desired area, leave on for 2-5 minutes, during which time the skin will begin to tingle – I like this feeling… it tells me it’s working ;-)! Wash off with warm water and a clean flannel ensuring all wash is removed. Finish by applying Jan Marini’s Antioxidant Face Protectant – with an SPF 30 and micro sponges this cream is a light weight moisturizer with a big impact and a lovely scent!

Jan Marini Bio Glycolic Wash – £31.00














Jan Marini Anti Oxidant Face Protectant £50.00



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